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Doe Bay is a place to relax and retreat. Your blood pressure will drop and you will breathe easier as soon as you step on the property. You will not watch a television or listen to a radio or use a phone for days on end. We have wireless but find that most guests choose to disconnect.

Doe Bay is an icon in the Northwest. It is known not only to Northwesterners but to a loyal group of fans and followers worldwide. The accommodations are rustic but most guests find them charming. The real Doe Bay experience doesn’t rest in your cabin or your yurt or dome. It may be what you feel when you walk quietly to the tip of Meditation Point and are alone, except for the active sea life playing in front of you. It may occur when you return from a vigorous hike up Mt. Constitution (which you can access without ever getting in a vehicle) and you relax with your friends in the sauna or the soaking tubs. It will certainly happen when you eat a meal at the Doe Bay Café.

Doe Bay is a magical place. We believe it and we regularly hear from our guests that magic happens here. Interestingly we hear from people who have come for a solo retreat that it was life changing and the next week we will hear about a family who had a reunion that will change the family dynamic forever. Dozens of couples have been married at Doe Bay and we do the best we can to launch them toward a happy marriage. Please come and experience it and share your stories.

Joe & Maureen Cafe
Doe Bay, 1908. Courtesy of Washington Rural Heritage Doe Bay today. Courtesy of Cameron Zegers