Doe Bay Fest

What is Doe Bay Fest? Doe Bay Fest is a four day grassroots festival featuring music, food, drink, camping and activities in the unique setting of the Doe Bay Resort and Retreat.

Many people love Doe Bay Fest for the camaraderie, the gorgeous surroundings, and of course for the music. Updates on the festival are posted to twitter, facebook, and here on the website. Check out videos of the festival on vimeo and YouTube too! (Doe Bay is not responsible for 3rd party content on these sites).


Doe Bay Fest 2018

Doe Bay Resort will be hosting its 11th annual Doe Bay Fest in 2018! WHOOT! WHOOT!

When released, festival camping and tickets packages will be available through our online store or by coming up to stay at Doe Bay Resort during the winter months.

Ticket prices have not yet been set for 2018.

Festival Camping

If you buy a ticket, you must pay for festival camping, unless a friend has arranged a place for you in their tent, you’re staying on a boat or in one of Doe Bay’s premium campsites, yurts, domes, or cabins, or you can prove alternate accommodations on Orcas. Festival camping accommodates from 1 to 4 people IN A SINGLE TENT (keep in mind you are given a 10’x10’ footprint which works best with a small-medium sized tent). You can purchase multiple festival camping tent tags and camp together in a little cluster, but you will need to pay for each tent tag. Festival camping includes up to 5 nights of camping, not pro-rated for shorter stays.  Prices are not yet set for 2018.

Artists are typically not announced until a couple of months before the festival. We recommend subscribing to our resort newsletter for up-to-date information on Doe Bay Fest 11.

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