Doe Bay Fest

What is Doe Bay Fest? Doe Bay Fest is a four day grassroots festival featuring music, food, drink, camping and activities in the unique setting of the Doe Bay Resort and Retreat.

Many people love Doe Bay Fest for the camaraderie, the gorgeous surroundings, and of course for the music. Updates on the festival are posted to twitter, facebook, and here on the website. Check out videos of the festival on vimeo and YouTube too! (Doe Bay is not responsible for 3rd party content on these sites).


Doe Bay Fest 2017 – A Perfect 10

Mark your calendar for August 10-13, 2017 and begin planning your trip up to Doe Bay to purchase your tickets this winter season! Doe Bay Fest will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017 with a Reunion Festival, inviting back bands who’ve played at Doe Bay Fest in prior years. This is definitely one not to miss!

Doe Bay Resort will be hosting its 10th annual Doe Bay Fest in 2017! WHOOT! WHOOT! Festival attendees can arrive as early as Wednesday, August 9th, and stay as long as Monday, August 14th.

Tickets are now available for purchase while supplies last!

Purchase Your Tickets As An Overnight Guests

Doe Bay Fest 10 tickets are now available for purchase in-person through the Doe Bay Front Desk. To justify your trip, we are offering a ticket discount to our overnight guests while supplies last. Ponder this: If you and your 3 closest friends come up to Doe Bay before December 31, you can purchase your festival tickets at our discounted rate and SAVE $300!

Book your winter stay TODAY!

Purchase Your Tickets Through Our Online Store

For those who are unable to make the trip up to Doe Bay to purchase their tickets in person, we’ve released a handful of Christmas Packages available for online purchase. Each Christmas Package comes with a FREE gift, your choice of 2-4 tickets with festival camping, along with a certificate of purchase. You can also choose from a selection of Premium Camping Packages. Give to someone you love this holiday season (and by the way, it is okay to love yourself). Christmas Packages start at $490 plus tax.

Tickets are priced at $195 (children 12 and under are FREE). Festival camping is $100 plus tax per tent for a maximum of 4 ticket holders. We offer a ticket discount to overnight guests while supplies last.


Festival Camping

If you buy a ticket, you must pay for festival camping, unless a friend has arranged a place for you in their tent, you’re staying on a boat or in one of Doe Bay’s premium campsites, yurts, domes, or cabins, or you can prove alternate accommodations on Orcas. Festival camping is $100 plus tax PER TENT and accommodates from 1 to 4 people IN A SINGLE TENT (keep in mind you are given a 10’x10’ footprint which works best with a small-medium sized tent). If you want to buy multiple tent reservations and camp together in a little cluster, that works great – but you need to pay $100 PER TENT, and then let us know when you book that you want your multiple tents placed side-by-side. Festival camping includes up to 5 nights of camping, not pro-rated for shorter stays.

Artists – As always we will not announce the artists until shortly before the festival. This year we may not announce at all.  They will be good, talented.  All performers will have already performed at a past Doe Bay Fest, so there’s that.

Doe Bay Fest Christmas Packages and More

Doe Bay Gift Card

Looking for that special gift for under your tree?  Try shopping Doe Bay’s online store this holiday season for unique gifts, gift cards, and Doe Bay Fest ticket packages!