Thanks for Coming to Doe Bay Fest!

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Dear Doe Bay Fest 2010 Friends,

I promise, this will be the last Doe Bay Fest 2010 e-mail you will receive. The other ones were more important because they were to help you get prepared. This one is purely optional. No Quiz! What I really want to say is Thanks.

Thank you for defying all the odds and being part of a crowd in excess of 1,000 people that never acted like a crowd. As one review said, “people were picking up their own beer cans and cigarette butts”. Once again, we got through a weekend with a lot of people and a fair amount of alcohol and no serious incidents. Even more, people didn’t just tolerate one another, but chose to really embrace and have fun with others, whether they knew them or not. We invited you to our property, just like we would to our home, and you acted like old friends (except you didn’t try to borrow money.)

I. Thank you to my Doe Bay Resort & Retreat Crew.

The list is long. However, Jami Mitchell, Abigael Birrell, Keith Graham, Freddy Tincher, Danielle Sigler and Heather Watts deserve a special mention. When you come back to Doe Bay, thank them again. Bringing so many people to the property stresses our operations, our staff and our infrastructure. Our Managers and the people working directly for them kept everything functioning the whole weekend. It was amazing.

Chad and Joe (Not sure what was in Chad's mouth) .......... Kev & Joe Singing

II. Thank you again to the Doe Bay Fest Team. Kevin Sur, from and Chad Clibborn from put together a great support team for all of the artists and brought us the music makers. The fact that virtually every artist who has ever played Doe Bay Fest has asked to play again is testament to what a cool scene it is and how good a job Chad and Kevin do keeping people happy. So, thank you to my brothers, Chad and Kevin. In addition, we had an unbelievable group of volunteers. I won’t name them all but our Retreat House staff headed by Amy and our music and stage production staff led by Jake were standout. Amy is also the mother of three remarkably talented children. Here is a photo of the two Moms (Amy & Maureen) comparing notes.

Amy & Maureen - Two cool Moms

III. Sponsors. I assume you noticed that Doe Bay Fest, like Doe Bay, is decidedly “un-corporate”. That is intentional. We have figured out how to produce a hugely successful festival and make less money doing it than any of our competitors. However, we have really tried to not compromise our values. I don’t think you’ll ever see a big BP logo behind the stage at Doe Bay Fest. I do want to thank some sponsors specifically Green Home Solutions, City Arts and Sonic Boom. In addition, we thank Georgetown Pub & Brewery who helped with the beer. Please support Doe Bay Fest by asking for their brand every time you’d like a beer. Did you notice that DBF beer was cheaper than Sasquatch and tasted better?

Joe & Maureen including one from the First Doe Bay Fest (Left Hand Smoke in background)

Same grandchild (Ashley) in both... another 3 time attendee!

IV. Thank you to my Family. I already had the chance to thank my wife, Maureen, from the stage. Unfortunately she was down working in the lower field and I can’t remember what I said but I’m sure I mentioned we have an anniversary on September 5th and we will have completed 35 years of marriage. It hasn’t been dull, not even for a moment. Our five kids are all part of the birth of Doe Bay Fest and they continue to help, as do their spouses. I especially want to thank my two son-in-laws Chris Heim, who provided the power that allowed the music to be played and Stosh Jackson who took charge of all things alcohol related and did a great job.

Doe Bay Marching Band

V. Thank you to the Artists. Again this year, the musicians made the festival. To all of the Artists who performed for less than they deserve and less than they normally charge, I thank you. Even so, most of them supplemented their stage time with a variety of spontaneous performances around the property. I really can’t thank each of them enough for making the hottest music on the hottest days of the year at Doe Bay. From Thursday through Monday, there was definitely no place on the planet I would rather have been.

People Arrived by air, land & sea .................. We were ready!

VI. Doe Bay Fest 2011. (Tentatively scheduled for August 11th through the 16th.)Even after a week to come back down to earth, most of us are still a little dazed, but many of you are trying to figure out how to plan next year’s festival into your calendars. I promise you that as we figure it out, you will be the first to know. I am pretty sure that the first tickets and packages for cabins, yurts and reserved camping sites will be available in person, at the Doe Bay Store, in mid-October, exclusively to guests who are staying at Doe Bay during the Fall. (Come see Jake Hemming at the Doe Bay Cafe on October 14th & 15th.)I’m guessing most all of the cabins, etc... will end up reserved through that process, but any that are left will be made available to you and our group of regular fans. We will be fine tuning the process and packaging to avoid the mix-ups of people buying tickets but not having a camping spot. The Doe Bay Fest 2011 plan will be announced in the newsletter. You may sign up here: NEWSLETTER and follow Doe Bay Retreat on FaceBook.

Who is this? Do they know they are on a sacred spot at Doe Bay? The Lion's Den!

VII. 36 Links - Reviews and Photos and Videos - (DON'T MISS THIS SECTION!)Most have you have already seen these, but here are some links to some incredible reviews of the weekend. There are also some incredible photos and videos and there will be more to come. Our friend, Nick Simmons will produce a 5-7 minute DVD and you will continue to see videos circulating on the web. By the time you are reading this, Sound on the Sound will have released the first of The DOE BAY SESSIONS videos (The Maldives at Doe Bay). Abbey just wrote saying they are incredible. Here are three dozen links I have received so far. If you have photos or videos, please let me know and we will figure out how to use them and share them. CLICK AWAY:

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There are a bunch more links but I promised to quit at 50. Search for Doe Bay on Vimeo or YouTube and you will find others!!!

VIII. High Points.

a. Thursday afternoon on The Point. Usually we have music breaking out Sunday morning as people or recovering from Saturday night. This year it started early. Here is a clip of aThursday afternoon warm-ups.Click here to see Johnny Clary of the Dimes singing with the youngest baby at Doe Bay Fest

b. Open Mic Thursday Night. As expected, it was incredible. Unexpected was a walk-on guest who pulled out a ukelally and sang with a gorgeous voice. Click to see Carissa Morris

And we look so professional!

c. Friday Morning, Getting Ready.
It was so cool to watch how organized we were. We had been thinking about the details for so long that we were prepared for most every event. Fortunately, virtually none of those events happened and everything went smoothly. By noon on Friday, most of us who are used to running around like crazy at that point, were trying to decide whether to have a beer or go for a hike.

d. Friday Night – the Main Stage Took-Off. The Black Whales, Fences, Portland Cello Project and Hey Marseilles would have been easily worth the trip to Orcas Island to see. At the same time, the café stage was irresistible. I will admit that it’s unfair to have to choose between missing the last part of Jake Hemming’s sets on the café stage or missing the first part of Black Whales on the main stage. A good problem to have.

e. The Yoga Studio. As always, it was crowded and hot and this year, hotter than ever, partly thanks to the weather and also thanks to the performances. I had never seen Ravenna Woods before and I’m really disappointed that I didn’t get to hang out with them much on the weekend because I was blown away.

f. The Head and the Heart - I could have lumped The Head and the Heart in with Ravenna Woods, because they played back to back, but it was actually a separate high point of the weekend for me. I am usually kind of amused when I see a, relatively new band, performing, and everyone in the audience knows all of the words to their tunes. Kind of cultish/faddish/ creepy. In the case of The Head and the Heart, it is no fluke. Their album is an instant classic and I expect I will be listening to it many years just as I listen to Sly Stone's or Tom Waits' early albums now. An added treat is that the individuals in this band are amongst the nicest I have encountered.

g. Zoe Muth and the Lost Highrollers and The Fruit Bats. I mention these two together because in both cases I was surprised, no shocked, that the voices were coming from those singers. When I met Zoe earlier that day, I never would have predicted the voice that commanded the entire festival field. The same thing is of course true of The Fruit Bats lead singer.

h. The Maldives. I’m not sure which was the higher point for me, seeing The Maldives perform on stage and getting to help introduce them or running into them on the porch of the hostel and being greeted by old friends. As most of you know, The Maldives have the only invitation for life to Doe bay Fest.

i. Saturday’s Patio Stage. I didn’t see all the acts I wanted to, but I did see Kimo Muraki and it was wonderful. I only caught one tune by Tomo Nakayama and I won’t ever let that happen again. My most memorable point though may be Matt Garrity singing for the first time on stage with his 12 year old daughter, Lily. I have a feeling she will long hold the title of the youngest artist to perform at Doe Bay Fest.


Young & Old Enjoyed Doe Bay!

Tucker asleep in his new sweatshirt --- Megan teaching Yoga to her grandmother.

j. Cutest Moment. Youngest or Oldest? Maureen's Mom, Nancy, has attended all three Doe Bay Fests, but I loved watching her taking yoga from our daughter Megan. She passed 80 while many of you were in high school and can still outdownwarddog most. Speaking of youngest, who was the youngest attendee? We had a virtual tie of two 8 week olds who did not know each other, but were born on the same day. The mother said, I guess the other kid (that would be Kevin's kid Tucker) won because he was born at 6 in the morning and ours (I think Johnny Clary from the DIMES) was born at 6 at night. I pointed out that someone born at 6 at night was in fact younger than someone born at 6 that morning and therefore the title was hers. Was Doe Bay Fest the most kid-friendly festival you have attended?

k. Funniest Moment. The slip & slide created some amusing moments. Clearly it was designed by musicians and not engineers so that the steepest point was the point where the plastic ran out and grass began. I’m not really sure whose idea it was to line it up directly with the out houses but, fortunately, while they were touched, they were not tipped. However, I would have to give the funniest moment award to the Donald Duck argument. It is hard to explain if you didn’t see it, but we will try to get the participants to create a video. Usually, there is some relationship between how much alcohol you have consumed and how hard you laugh at something. I had drunk less alcohol per pound of laughter, so I know this was really funny. I will never believe that Daniel Williams has any voice other than Donald's.

Runner-up funny moment - Seth shows how to open champagne with a butcher knife

l. Kelli Schaefer. Kelli got things started on the closing night in the Yoga Studio. For me, I was waiting and hoping for her to sing a song which for some reason, haunts me. She performed on the café stage last year and it was no less incredible in the hot sweaty confines of the yoga studio. Here’s a short video I took of her on the stage I took of her at Doe Bay Fest 2. Kelli doing "that song that haunts me."


m. Drew Grow's Show. I really didn’t want to miss this one and I’m so glad I didn’t. I happened to be standing in the front and the show was off the charts. As I was listening to Drew Grows and the Pastors Wives, it was clear that there were more voices than there were mouths singing. I then realized that Kelli Schaefer was behind me on one side and The Head and the Heart were behind me on the other side and all were harmonizing at full force. It was a stereo experience.

n. THEESatisfaction
closed out the official festival schedule in the Yoga Studio with a killer set. Again, these young ladies are so sweet that they are welcome at Doe Bay forever!


The Front Porch The Head and the Heart Midnight Concert ------------ Joe & Kenny (Joseph) H.
o. Unscripted Moment. As I came out of THEESatisfaction show, somebody said, “have you seen what’s going on on the front porch of the store?” I went over and The Head and the Heart had 200+ people gathered around listening to an impromptu concert. That was one of those unscripted moments that you pray will happen. I can’t thank them enough. During the process of having their feet, they put a hole in the front porch. We had it repaired in moments, even though this was after midnight. Testament to how sweet this band is, they contacted me yesterday asking to be able to pay for the repairs. I declined. I am inclined to leave the temporary patch there for awhile, as it reminds me of a very special moment at Doe Bay Fest.


p. Sunday - Artist's Brunch - A lot of people followed our advice and stayed over through Monday, avoiding traffic and getting a chance to relax. Doe Bay was calmer, though not its normal level of calm; the music didn’t stop. We always host all of the artists for a champagne brunch on Sunday of Doe Bay Fest to thank them. When I asked Kris to play a little on my two string wash tub bass, Drew’s ears perked up and he came around the corner singing “I Want You to Come Home Now”. As it always does, that song made the entire brunch group stop and sing. When a group of all the Doe Bay Fest artists start singing together, it is pretty unique.

I was as dazed as I look, but when Kevin sang his slow dancing song, I cried. You don't know how much progress I have made that I can admit that.

OKAY - it is over and, even I, am sick of all the reliving. One thing I ask you to do is to come back to Doe Bay during calmer times. Please come play a Friday night in the cafe in January. Bring 25 of your friends and I promise you everyone will love it. Get married here or come up to write music or poems. Thanks again and please keep in touch....


Papa & Kiera

Post-script - Did you figure out the Doe Bay Fest 2010 logo (The Lady of the Fest) and specifically the colored boxes?