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Doe Bay Newsletter
May 2009 Issue

Love is in the air Swing!
"There are going to be times when we can't wait for somebody. Now, you're either on the bus or off the bus. If you're on the bus, and you get left behind, then you'll find it again."
Ken Kesey - As quoted by Tom Wolfe in The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test (1968)

Doe Bay Survives "War of the Worlds" - Sale Falls Through!

Doe Bay is in the News

Read Tara Nelson's article about Doe Bay in the Mount Baker Experience by clicking on this!!

Reporter Tara Nelson joined us for New Years and her report is perfect. The online version doesn't have her great photos that were part of the print version but it is great reading anyway and we appreciate it. She also got to meet Sandman, the Rappin' Cowboy!



Read what Shannon Lassen, Wedding Planner Extraordinaire, said after a recent visit to Doe Bay > > >

Shannon is one of the nicest people we have met and is an expert in events and specifically weddings. Having her visit was a little daunting because she knows what it takes to make a venue work for her clients. Doe Bay seems to have really passed the test.

Wedding at the point

More Press to come:

Check out the May edition of Seattle Magazine. They didn't say enough but just seeing Doe Bay acknowledged in such a traditional publication is satisfying.

Also.... we expect to be featured in the Travel 180 section of the new magazine Bellingham Alive which will be launching next month. It is an ingenious online and print venture being created by some real smart folks!

Finally, one of our owners was in the news recently having been selected as an Innovator and a Superhero for her work in the community. The article from Parent Map Magazine follows:

Superheroes for Washington Families

Maureen Brotherton Maureen in Africa

When Maureen Brotherton’s daughter Tia was 16, she faced a dilemma: She needed a paying summer job, but didn’t want to give up her volunteer work as a tutor to homeless children. Brotherton and her husband’s solution? They paid Tia themselves to stay on as a volunteer with the Atlanta Street Center. At that point, the idea for TIPS was born.

Teens in Public Service

TIPS provides teenagers rewarding summer employment in the form of paid community service internships. “TIPS participants receive more than just a paycheck,” Brotherton says. “TIPS allows teens to be leaders. Our interns discover struggles and needs in their communities. They often find their life’s work or passion. It is a win-win-win program for teens, nonprofits and the community at large.”

Psychologist Laura Kastner, Ph.D., has two children who are TIPS alumni. “TIPS gives teenagers opportunities to work in substantial job roles in the nonprofit world, gives agencies outstanding teen employees, and pays the teens with foundation funds that yield huge community profit mileage out of every dollar,” says Kastner. “Maureen’s brainchild is nothing short of brilliant.”

Personal hero
Right now, it is Michelle Obama!

Pet peeve
When people are rude or condescending to others.

Favorite recent read
There Is No Me Without You by Melissa Fay Greene

For more information about TIPS, contact Maureen@TeensInPublicService.org.


Hot Deal for Mother's Day!

How appropriate that we follow the story about Maureen (mother of five) with this:

Your Mom deserves a massage! If you and your Mom camp anywhere at Doe Bay on Mother's day weekend, we will treat her to a massage!

Review Accommodations and then Reserve Now!

Make your reservation and print out this newsletter. Bring it in and present it to the front desk and we will schedule the massage, on us! Happy Mother's day!


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Kid’s Welcome at Doe Bay!!! New Spa Rules

Kids are welcome at the Doe Bay Café… Dine with us and bring them along!

Check out the kid's menu > >

Doe Bay Kid

Kids in the Spa!

In addition to the cafe and all of our grounds and our new swing & slide, we have now revised our Spa rules to allow children as guests. This required balancing of different interests and some compromise, but you should be pleased.

Children must be potty trained, accompanied by an adult and those under 12 will be limited in their hours of use. This should allow all to enjoy and still retain the peace and quiet in the evenings that our adults so appreciate.

Travel Photo Contest!

This may be the easiest contest in the world. We will even accept a picture of you in Doe Bay wear Photoshopped into an exotic location!

The kid pictured below probably doesn't even have a passport!


Be the first to name the country by filling in the missing letters and win a prize! If you identify the three people in the background, you will win something cool, like free lattes at the Doe Bay Cafe, for a month! Write to me!

Send your travel photos in showing you at an exotic location or virtually any Doe Bay related photo and we will consider publishing it here and making you famous. Joe@DoeBay.com.


AND ...

Our low carbon footprint discount applies!

Moran State Park has some of the finest hiking and biking trails in the Northwest. Many of them are closed to bikes during the Summer but, FOR THE NEXT 45 DAYS THEY ARE OPEN!!!!!

Bike rack

We want you to experience this so badly that we will practically pay you to come up. We always offer a $10.00 per night discount to anyone who arrives by bicycle.

Come mountain biking now and bring a copy of this newsletter or arrive by foot or kayak and you will get this deal. $10 off per night for each person that arrives by bike or kayak to Doe Bay, so couples get $20 off a night and big groups could get a real deal! It’s called the Human-Powered Discount.

The Community Fire Pit - While we were at it, we improved your pit... again!

One of our favorite events at Doe Bay is an evening campfire. They are great in the Summer but truly memorable in the colder times of year.

We have a safe burn pit designed for fires for groups of 5 to 25. See below the latest photos of the latest improvements; Hand-hewn cedar benches!!

Fire pit

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We don't advertise in any traditional sense. We hold to the belief (naive as it may be) that, if you create a great product, people will find it. Right or wrong, we have hopefully saved lots of trees.

Word of mouth is our standard promotional device so we ask you to use technology to tell the Doe Bay story to one and all!

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doe bay fest 2009

Dear Friends of Doe Bay,

I was amazed at the effect of last month's April Fools newsletter (for those of you who missed it, click here APRIL FOOLSLETTER). I felt a little guilty, as one always does for playing a trick that works. But on balance, the experience was heartening; realizing what a tragedy it would be, not just for our family, but for so many people, to lose Doe Bay as we know it. I received literally hundreds of E-mails from guests and friends who said they were in tears before they saw the end of the story. So, relax, with a little help from our friends, Doe Bay will be here for you and your children and their children.

You can help by continuing to do what you do. Plan a visit. Come for dinner. Bring your kids camping at Doe Bay. Learn to Kayak here. Invite your book club to Doe Bay. Plan a family reunion with us. Finally, tell your friends and their friends. Like all businesses, we need customers and we promise to take care of you and anyone you send our way!


The Merry Pranksters Arrive at Doe Bay....

Elephant RevivalElephant Revival

Why do I love Doe Bay? (Reason # 476) On the morning of Good Friday, a classic 1962 hippie filled school bus pulled into Doe Bay, unannounced. As quoted in the masthead, you are either on the bus or off the bus and on this bus was Elephant Revival. Elephant Revival Website.

In exchange for a place to park the bus and an afternoon of soaking in our spa, they would play their music at the cafe. This is the kind of thing we dreamed of in the 70's. First of all, owning Doe Bay.... unimaginable. Second, having a bus full of musicians just pull up and say, "we want to play at your place tonight.".... Priceless! I wish you had been here to enjoy it with us. The amazing thing is that amazing things happen at Doe Bay all the time.


Free Back Up Band for Open Mic Nights

Cafe performance
Every Thursday night, all year round, Doe Bay hosts an open mic in the cafe. We also put away our normal gourmet menu and replace it with some of the best pizza you will ever taste. I can promise you something unique at open mic. It may be a jazz experience worthy of Newport or something closer to the Gong Show. Let me put it this way... If Susan Boyle were American rather than Scottish, she would have performed at Doe Bay open mic night. 

In case you are concerned about going it alone, there are a few old musicians who are available to back you up. Guitar, bass, some percussionists and maybe a horn or harmonica. We don't usually practice but an afternoon warm-up session could probably be arranged. Bruce (who sat in on mandolin with Elephant Revival) is in charge. Write to him at Bruce's Doe Bay Backup Band.


Doe Bay Book Drive - Please Feed the Otter Lodge Book Shelves!

Otter lodgeOtter lodge

Books for Doe Bay - We can tell our experiment in Socialism is working because a number of the hundreds of books which we put in the Otter Lodge, Self-Service, Honor System, Lending Library have disappeared. That gives me great joy in part because I have learned to forgive. I would like to share my joy with you. Please go through your library before you come up to Doe Bay next time and pick a dozen titles which you enjoyed and which you think others would enjoy. Bring them up and we will add them to the library. Share your good fortune and take a book to read while you are visiting!


Tom Sawyer Work Weekend - A huge Success! THANK YOU WORKERS!

Volunteer! Volunteer! Volunteer!

I want to thank all of our friends who came up for work weekend. This is a tradition we started when we first bought Doe Bay where about 30 or 40 of our friends come up for a "Tom Sawyer" weekend of work and fun.

We may permanently move it to the week before or after Easter as we have many guests who have asked to start a family tradition of Easter at Doe Bay. The list of tasks accomplished is too long to insert here but from painting to carpentry to tree trimming to drainage and gardening, Doe Bay was transformed by your labors.

The campfire was great fun and the food prepared by Abigael and served by Freddy was outstanding.

Until next month,
I am Wishing you Health, Peace and Prosperity…

The Proprietor


Doe Bay Fest 09 – Plan Your Trip Now - August 14, 15 & 16


Doe Bay Fest
The Draft logo is too cool to not share with you... Our committee is looking at several designs by Northwest Artist Irene Wood:

Please don't panic. Tickets and accommodations will be open for purchase on June 1st.

  • Tickets are $30.00 in advance and $40.00 day of (if any are still available then)
  • Several intimate shows in the café and the studio.
  • Friday night shows on the mainstage in addition to the Noon until ten activities on Saturday.
  • Great Food all weekend at the Doe Bay cafe and at the festival site.
  • The lineup of bands and entertainers is exceeding our expectations.
  • Announcements will be coming soon! Keep your eye on the Doe Bay web site for updates!
  • Watch for Myspace and Facebook updates!
  • Join the Facebook group - Doe Bay Fest
  • Plan to carpool or leave your car at home and come by the foot ferry. Details will follow.


One quick clip from Doe Bay Fest 08

Cafe bandGuitar player


The Advertising Section - Today's Featured Product


Salmon oil Pure Wild Alaska Salmon Oil Salmon oil
Unprocessed - Extra Virgin - Cold Pressed

Doe Bay is still too cool to actually sell advertising in its newsletter, but we have decided to allocate a small section, carefully identified as a place for Commercial Free Speech. Today we are talking about a product we believe in. Pure Wild Alaska Salmon Oil produced by Alaska Protein Recovery have been sold in our store for a year. It was the only retail place outside of Alaska where the Pure Alaska Omega Brand was available. We were hesitant to tell you what an incredible product it was until we could get it to you. As of today, the wild Alaska salmon gelcaps are available in every Costco store in the US.

Doe Bay's owner and one of his partners started a company called Round Gold about 6 years ago with some simple goals; Stop the fishing industry from grinding and dumping most of a fish, just so we could eat the fancy filets. We believed there was value in 100% utilization of the resource and that the dumping of fish carcasses, entrails and offal was an environmental hazard to many Alaskan communities and to our oceans. This company grew and took on two more key partners and eventually morphed into Alaska Protein Recovery. If you take fish oil, there are two things that are probably true. The first is that you don't know exactly what fish is in each gel cap. We call that SalSarmonchovie oil. The other is that it was probably boiled, bleached, deodorized and scrubbed. This product is pure Alaska Salmon Oil straight from the fish to you. Costco has it at a great price. Let us know what you think!


We are coming clean! No more secrets! .... Our Camping is Hot! And we will give you a free night to prove it!

You may now let your friends know that camping at Doe Bay is one of Orcas Island's best kept secrets! It is a better deal than Moran or any other legal camping spot on the island and includes use of the spa, (tubs and sauna) as well as a shower house and a guest kitchen!

The award winning Doe Bay cafe is walking distance from every camp site! Still not convinced? Reference this newsletter when you reserve and your camping fee is half price. This deal applies to any reservations made in the month of May for camping in May or June!


News from the Doe Bay Cafe!


Ande and Abigael
Ande and Abigael
Spring is in full swing here at the Doe Bay Café. For us that means the very first local vegetables of the season are finally starting to appear from Orcas Island farms.

Some things to look for on our menu include spicy salad greens and rosy French Breakfast radishes from Maple Rock Farm, delicate pea shoots from Morningstar Farm and foraged nettles and fiddlehead ferns from Taproot Farm.

Nettles, a much maligned “weed” of the Northwest, are taking a starring role on our spring menu. You can find them in our delicious Nettle-Chive Soup, Nettle-Goat Cheese ravioli and Nettle Pesto Pizza with Jones Farm Smoked Salmon.

Our on site garden is bursting starts, seedlings and flowers. We’re looking forward to harvesting our first salad greens of the year this week!

If you haven’t been out on a Thursday to Pizza Night in a while, now is the time to come back. As the weather gets warmer, the music just gets better and better. We’ve also brought in some light springtime beers to wash all that pizza down with.

Sunday night is Date Night at the Café! Take advantage of our 30% discount on bottles of wine, free tub pass with purchase of an entrée and “Recession Special” which includes our signature Doe Bay salad and a big bowl of our daily soup for $12.

We look forward to seeing you down here for delicious food, exceptional service and our outstanding view!

Best wishes,
Café Staff

Wall of Mirrors

Wine glasses

The Famous Doe Bay Cafe
Wall of Mirrors


Doe Bay Welcomes More WWoofers!


The WWOOF program is going great guns at Doe Bay. The garden has been expanded and has never looked better! The reaction of our guest WWoofer's has been great. It is different from many WWOOF farms because we have the SEED to TABLE program and so many activities on site. All guest workers are able to enjoy the Soaking Tubs and Sauna and other elements of the Doe Bay lifestyle.

As you now probably know, WWOOF is a worldwide organization of people dedicated to Organic gardening who trade labor for accommodations at farms throughout the world. WWOOF USA Website Doe Bay recently joined WWOOF and has already received a flurry of requests for stays. To learn more, please see our website >>>

Group Work Retreats - Bring your group to work in the Garden!

WWOOF Workers
Our strawberries will come from their work!

Another volunteer option is to come up for a weekend with a group of able bodied folks. We tailor each visit, but the general idea is that we exchange a two-night / three-day stay for you and your group for a half day of work in the garden or on the grounds.

The particular jobs are season dependant as well as a function of what the property needs. They may include pure organic gardening, trail or brush clearing, cleaning or painting or even brainstorming.

If you are interested, please contact us by writing to DoeBayVolunteers@Gmail.com. Our volunteer coordinator (who is also a volunteer) will get right back to you.


Doe Bay Supports Orcas Island Organizations


Doe Bay supports local organizations in a variety of ways, including our weekly fundraising at Thursday night pizza and open mic night.

In addition, this month we are hosting a BBQ fundraiser for the Funhouse on Friday, May 29, 3-5pm. Fish tacos extraordinaire! $18 for adults and kids eat grilled quesadillas for free! All proceeds go to the Funhouse, which provides a great resource to Orcas kids. The Funhouse on Orcas Island!



Enjoy these Videos from Doe Bay


digeri doo

Please post your Doe Bay videos to YouTube or the Server of your choice and let us know about them. We will link them in our newsletter. Here are two of my favorites:

New Years Fireworks - The impromptu show was great but the enthusiasm of the videographer was palpable, contagious and hilarious!

Fire Dance on St Paddy's Day - This was one really cool event. I could tell you a lot about it but the video speaks for itself. The photo shows a didgeridoo which is one of the instruments that showed up.

Send photos and movies and links to Joe@DoeBay.com.


Calling all Artists, Writers, Filmmakers, Musicians, and Performers of all kinds!


Boys playing in a band
Doe Bay is a proud to support the arts by hosting artists for performances, staged readings, installations, retreats, or as a space to host classes and workshops.

We are now booking people for the 2009 Season. Please contact office@doebay.com to see if your work might be a good fit for Doe Bay’s guests, you, and your creative output.

Contest Results - Only Bart McLaughlin, an outstanding jazz drummer from New York City, was able to correctly identify the musicians from a West Seattle Band known as the Midnight Sun. They are the famous and recently deceased guitarist Ricky Novito, drummer Brian Hughes and bass player Joe B.

Several of you identified the mystery artist as Eddie Vedder. When you come to collect your prize, watch for Eddie in the cafe.



Brother, Can You Spare a Job? .... Not really any more!

We are nearly fully staffed for the season. Hopefully we have responded to every application. If not, your offer or thanks for applying message should be coming soon!

We also want to again thank everyone for applying. We have not seen a response like this one before. We are very excited about the great group of people we have coming up to make Doe Bay run!