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September 2009 Issue

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The Doe Bay Labor Day 2009 Newsletter

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ~ Albert Camus

Do You Believe in Magic?

Doe Bay is OPEN!

All Year Round

Autumn & Holidays
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Not everyone knows that Doe Bay is open all year round and not everyone believes that Doe Bay may be at its very best in the “off-season”, but both are true! Our weekends are getting booked well in advance all year, so please plan your time sooner rather than later if you can. That said, if you get a last minute urge to head for Orcas, call us and we will always try to accommodate you.

If you haven’t experienced a holiday at Doe Bay, you should consider it. Starting with Labor Day, we have special events planned for the rest of the year, including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Please call the front desk to get your holiday cabin reserved.


(360) 376-2291

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Please read the cafe news below about the Monday night Artsmith salon series at the Doe Bay Cafe!



Kelli Schaefer performed beautifully at the Cafe Stage. CLICK

John Roderick led The Long Winters as the final act on the Festival Mainstage CLICK

And a photo of David Bazan:

Photos from Jack CLICK

Trickshot Photos Click

There are many other photos on Facebook!







It takes some time to get to Doe Bay but is worth it. It's sometimes challenging location is part of the reason it is pristine, quiet and private. Getting here can be half the fun. The ferries work but they require some planning and often some patience. Get the schedule and get there early!

If you lack patience, try Kenmore Air. We are pleased to be in partnership with them this month to bring people to our island paradise by seaplane or traditional aircraft. CLICK for Kenmore Air! You will see some impressive views on both ends of your journey! Yes, that is the Space Needle framed by the plane's props.

If you want to come by water, another great option is the water taxi. Call our desk for information. (360) 376-2291. Below is a photo of a Doe Bay Fest group landing at our beach:

So again, The ferries work but require planning and often involve waiting for the next boat. If you plan for this, it is not bad, but missing a boat is never fun. If you have a carload of people or you need a car or need lot’s of stuff for your visit, the ferries are probably the best choice.

As a regular commuter, I can say that over half of my trips involve the two best alternatives; the water taxi (to Lieberhaven or, subject to tides, directly at our beach at Doe Bay ) or Kenmore Air (by seaplanes to Rosario or wheeled planes to Eastsound ). These modes are a little more expensive, but not outrageously so. Make your reservations directly with Kenmore or for water taxi.

Then call our front desk (360) 376-2291 to arrange pick up.



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Kid’s Welcome at Doe Bay!!!

Kids are welcome at the Doe Bay Café… Dine with us and bring them along!

Check out the kid's menu > >




Doe Bay Shuttle Service!

We are offering a new shuttle service for our guests. The shuttle can be chartered by arrangement with the front desk for trips to the ferry, the airports or foot ferry landingd as well as runs to the top of Mount Constitution or any other location of your choice.

The van shown above is actually from the theatre group Island Stage Left which produced "As You Like It" on our stage this summer. Doe Bay's new 15 passenger van is much more traditional.


Travel Photo Contest!
This may be the easiest contest in the world. We will even accept a picture of you in Doe Bay wear Photoshopped into an exotic location! All submissions are winners!


Travel Contest Winner!

The contestant submitted this shot from Eastsound on Orcas Island. We are obviously desperate. He won (again) and Eastsound is the closest town to Doe Bay, so hardly qualifies as travel. And.... he isn't wearing Doe Bay Clothing. (He claims that he has a db t-shirt on under his sweatshirt.)

The Ringer

That is right.... This guy has won almost every month. Does he really travel or is he a photoshop wizard? He submitted three but our committee has decided to ban him. So the pot doubles. Submit now!


Wait... a last minute contestant from Central America.... Winifred Wins!

Get some Doe Bay clothing and wear it somewhere cool... oh yes, don't forget to get your photo taken and to send it in to enter the contest!

Send your travel photos in showing you at an exotic location or virtually any Doe Bay related photo and we will consider publishing it here and making you famous, like Winifred.


Ride your bike to Doe Bay!
Our low carbon footprint discount applies!

Moran State Park has some of the finest hiking and biking trails in the Northwest. Even during the Summer, many are reserved for bikers!


Bike rack

We always offer a $10.00 per night discount to anyone who arrives by bicycle.

Come mountain biking now and bring a copy of this newsletter or arrive by foot or kayak and you will get this deal. $10 off per night for each person that arrives by bike or kayak to Doe Bay, so couples get $20 off a night and big groups could get a real deal! It’s called the Human-Powered Discount.

The Community Fire Pit - While we were at it, we improved your pit... again!

One of our favorite events at Doe Bay is an evening campfire. They are great in the Summer but truly memorable in the colder times of year.

We have a safe burn pit designed for fires for groups of 5 to 25. As you can see, the fire pit was used at Doe Bay fest for a great after festival gathering.

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Brother, Can You Spare a Job? .... Not really any more!

If you would like to work at Doe Bay, please look at our employment opportunities page on our website. It is a unique place to work, and for the right person, it is incredible.


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Help Wanted

We need your help with word of mouth advertising. We have the words and you have the mouths, so please tell your friends about Doe Bay!

The Proprietor





Dear Friends of Doe Bay,

First, let me report what many of you already know; Doe Bay Fest 09 was a smashing success! We were naively cocky when we named dbFest 08, the “first annual”, but the success of this year’s “second annual” festival, known as Doe Bay Fest 09, has assured our future gatherings. Over a 72 hour period, over 800 people ranging in age from eight weeks to eighty-eight years, gathered at Doe Bay to make music, listen to others making music, dance, eat, drink and enjoy. Remarkably, there were virtually no troublesome incidents. Everything worked and everybody got along!

Day and Night

More Musicians per Guest than any other Festival! ------ As I said from the stage during the festival, when we bought Doe Bay almost 7 years ago, we dreamed about gatherings and events like this year’s Doe Bay Fest. But honestly, we couldn’t have imagined anything better than what actually transpired. Many who attended this year feel that they participated in a “once in a blue moon event”. One reason for that is the “performer to guest ratio”. We had so many great musicians that 1 out of 8 people on the property was a performer. No wonder festival goers got the chance to meet and hang out with their musical heroes and the bands finally had the time to calmly watch their fellow musician friends perform. Check out this day after video of Drew Grow playing on the point at Doe Bay CLICK

A Kid Friendly Festival ------ The bands and guests alike brought their kids. The entire event was 100% kid-safe and kid-friendly. These pictures show that, before the bands could come near the stage, the kids were there checking them out! Also click below to see more of the kid in this month's masthead photo. (He was a second year attendee by the way!)

<Cafe CLICK Main>

Great Press -------
I could say more and I could include more photos, but instead, I encourage you to click on the links (below and in the side column) to read what others have said and to look at their photos. If you weren't able to join us this year, you will get a feel for the event by reading what others had to say and by seeing the photos they took.

Click here to read a great review of the festival along with even better photos

Click the Seattle Weekly says that Doe Bay Fest compares well to Sasquatch!

Plans are in process for Doe Bay Fest 2010. Please watch this newsletter for announcements and for priority tickets. Finally, don’t be surprised to see various performers from Doe Bay Fest performing in person at the Doe Bay Café on Thursday open mic nights or Friday / Saturday night Doe Bay Café Concerts throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring.


The Doe Bay Organic Garden and Orchard

....and KID'S Education Center

I am guessing that I am not the only person who is concerned that our kids think that food grows at Safeway. The Doe Bay Garden reaches out to kids whenever they are on the property. Our Garden Manager, Heather Watts regularly takes kids into the garden to harvest some food. It is a thrill later to hear a kid in the Doe Bay Cafe telling a parent that she picked the broccoli that they are eating with the salmon. Please bring your kids and let them experience this.


Cornish "RETREATS" to Doe Bay

The Northwest's Greatest Art School is a Friend of Doe Bay

We quickly recovered from the big event and are back to “normal” at Doe Bay. Normal here means, daily hikes in Moran, kayaking the Peapods, camping on Meditation point and eating some of the best food on the planet at the Doe Bay Café. The day after Doe Bay Fest 09, we hosted the theater department from Cornish College of the Arts for, what Richard E.T. White, the department chair and my friend described as a transformative retreat. Richard said, "from the entire Theater faculty, please accept our thanks for making it possible for us to have three really transformative days up at Doe Bay. The quality of our discussions was amazing, abetted by the calm and beauty of the setting, and the wonderful food in the café."

I have a personal connection with the college. Cornish allowed me to play with their Jazz Ensemble one summer in the 70's without paying tuition. I never forgot that and have now served on the Board of Trustees of the College for years. In recent years, I have also taught Ethics and Law for the Practicing Artist, a variation of the courses which I teach at the University of Washington. Watch for more collaboration between Doe Bay and Cornish. Remember, if you are on the faculty, staff or a student at Cornish, make your reservation online and then contact me at to get the "Cornish Special".

We always make special deals for our favorite non-profit groups who want to come to Doe Bay for a Retreat! If you are interested, contact Pliny. We offer substantial discounts for retreats for Green businesses and for non-profits and educational institutions!


Get Married at Doe Bay

Weddings at Doe Bay Produce Longer and Happier Marriages

We have some weddings scheduled in September and then we look forward to some restorative time of our own. However, if you met someone and fell in love at Doe Bay Fest, we will make room for your wedding in October; (not valid if you are already married to someone else). We only set aside a limited number of “Wedding Dates” each year and we will be active (at the Wedding show, etc...) this fall. So, if you have any inclination to get married at Doe Bay at any time in 2010, please inquire soon. Write directly to

As the photos above show, from left to right, our wedding catering often includes salmon cooked almost at your table. Our "chapel" is as beautiful as anything in Italy and the groom sometimes gets carried away at the reception party.


Breaking News!

Sandman signs on for the HUGE Doe Bay New Years Celebration

Click on the fireworks display from last year... very hard to listen to without laughing!

Rappin Cowboy & CLICK Fireworks too!

The Rappin Cowboy is Back!!!

We just received a confirmation from The Rappin Cowboy that he will again entertain us at our New Years Party. Call for reservations now. There is no better place on earth to be for the last day of 2009 and the first day of 2010 than Doe Bay. Sandman will sing in the studio and then do cowboy ghetto poetry by the fires until sunrise!




Doe Bay - The Greatest Hobby in the World!

While Doe Bay is still more of an avocation than a vocation, we are having tremendous success and making some financial progress, even in a tough market for hospitality businesses. It is working because we have the greatest people working at Doe Bay and great leadership of Pliny Keep, our General Manager. If you like Doe Bay, you can help to ensure its continued existence by coming back and by sending your friends to see us.

See you on the island!

Until next month,
I am Wishing you Health, Peace and Prosperity…

The Proprietor

Joe Bay Smiling


Post-script: Is There Anything fun to do at Doe Bay in the Fall?

Ongoing Events at Doe Bay - Besides hiking, biking, soaking in the tubs, swimming in the Bay, heating up in the Sauna, sleeping on the beach:

Yoga Classes: Call for Schedule, drop-in, $10 fee
Garden Tours
: FREE, reserve 1 day in advance
Kayaking: ONLY to Mid-September! $60 3 hr guided trips leaving @ 10am & 2pm, must reserve in advance
Open Mic & Pizza Night: THURSDAYS, gourmet seasonal pizzas and fresh local talent

Mountain Biking: Orcas Island has some of the best trails in the Northwest.

Movie Night: Free movie, truffle oil popcorn, and 1/2 price bottles of wine in the Doe Bay Café every Sunday night!

Artsmith Writer’s Series: Featuring invited authors Monday evenings beginning 9/21/09 in the Doe Bay Café.

Doe Bay Wants to Be Affordable for YOU!

Special Mid-week pricing for Newsletter Readers Only!

For the rest of the year, come and stay with us and we will take 25% off of your bill for any Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and/or Wednesday. The middle of the week is quieter and a great time to relax at Doe Bay. To take advantage of this offer, please print out this newlsetter (or at least this section) and present it at check-in.

Pizza Night and Open Mic is Every Thursday at the Doe Bay Cafe
Doe Bay is Having Fun and Supporting Our Community


Join the Doe Bay Café for outstanding pizza and live entertainment every Thursday from 5-10pm at Pizza, Beer, and Open Mic Night! Eat, drink, and be merry while supporting a local non-profit at the same time! Each week, one dollar from every pizza sold is donated to an organization doing important work in our local community

It’s an honor and pleasure to be able to give back to the community that gives us so much! Come be part of the fun and put your money where your mouth is?! Even though we managed to lose money in the Beer Garden at Doe Bay Fest, we were able to donate $1000.00 to our local Montessori School! Thanks to the Montessori parents for helping out!


Camping at Doe Bay

The Maldives, one of the hottest bands in the Northwest and some of the nicest people we know, set up camp at Doe Bay Fest in what became known as Camp Maldive. It grew during the festival faster than Alaska in the goldrush.

Camp Maldives during the Festival

But camping at Doe Bay more often includes waking up looking out at nature at it's best:


You may now let your friends know that camping at Doe Bay is one of Orcas Island's best kept secrets! It is a better deal than Moran or any other legal camping spot on the island and includes use of the spa, (tubs and sauna) as well as a shower house, the Library in Otter Lodge and a guest kitchen! The award winning Doe Bay Café is walking distance from every camp site!

Still not convinced? Reference this newsletter when you reserve for two or more nights and your last night is free. This deal applies to ALL camping reservations after Labor Day!


News from the Doe Bay Cafe!

The Doe Bay Café is open 5 days a week all Year!

*Thursday Pizza Night and Open Mic
*Friday live music and Dinner
*Saturday Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
*Sunday B/L/D, ½ Price Wine & Movie Night

*Monday Artsmith Salon Reading Series starts 9/21” We are so excited about this. We believe that Monday nights at the Doe Bay Café may be the hottest ticket in town all year. For more information, contact



Abigael Cooking!


The Cafe is Open 5 Days a Week

All Year Long

Post-script: We also added a stage for Doe Bay Fest that we will keep in place for Live Autumn Music in the courtyard!



WWoofers and Group Work Retreats - Bring your group to work in the Garden!


Our Wwoofers and staff also play on our intramural sports teams as shown here.

<<<<<<<<<<<< Peter, your family is so proud!

Wwoofers come to Doe Bay for three to six week visits. Another volunteer option is to come up for a weekend with a group of able bodied folks. We tailor each visit, but the general idea is that we exchange a two-night / three-day stay for you and your group for a half day of work in the garden or on the grounds.

The particular jobs are season dependant as well as a function of what the property needs. They may include pure organic gardening, trail or brush clearing, cleaning or painting or even brainstorming. If you are interested, please contact us by writing to Doe Bay Volunteer Coordinator. Our volunteer coordinator (who is also a volunteer) will get right back to you.

We also have an "invitation only Tom Sawyer work weekend" every Easter!


Enjoy these Recent Videos from Doe Bay


One Last Look!

Thanks Chad, Kevin, Kirsti,Chris, Pliny, Abigael, Keith, Jason, David, Brad, John, Kelli, Ali, Ande, Freddy, Stosh, Erica, Maureen, Drew, [your name here], etc...!

Please post your Doe Bay videos to YouTube or the Server of your choice and let us know about them. We will link them in our newsletter. Here are two of my favorites:

The French Love Doe Bay -The impromptu cafe scene in Paris shows that Doe Bay is a Universal Brand

Nudity at Doe Bay - PARENTAL WARNING- This is just a test to see if people are mostly driven by prurient interests. I am counting the number of Shakespeare hits versus nudity hits.., this is part of my Doctoral thesis work. I wanna be Ph.d, ABD. Actually, now that you saw Goldfinch at Doe Bay Fest, you may enjoy seeing way too much of them on this video.

Send photos and movies and links to


When you have a moment, go to YouTube and enter Doe Bay to see lots of videos from guests and staff!



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