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ďAutumn is the Second Spring, where every leaf is a Flower"
~Albert Camus

Late September, 2010 Issue

Dear Friends of Doe Bay,

You've got a friend, but Doe Bay needs one.... or 262 to be exact!

Friend us here!

Please friend us on Facebook. We have 738 and if we get 1000, Mark Zuckerberg has hinted that he will give $100 million to improve Doe Bay schools. Since we have no schools, he sees a substantial chance that he will show amazing success, statistically speaking.


Doe Bay introduces

Chair Camping

Even in our high season, we will always have a spot for you. Save $7 by bringing your own chair!


Doe Bay remains a place for lovers, hiking and champagne:

That is Doe Bay in the distance as seen from the lookout on a quick easy hike from Doe Bay. (Ask at the front desk for directions.)

This is another photo of at least 1/2 of the couple shown in the photo above. Love is temporal, but Doe Bay is forever.



Weddings at Doe Bay

We have over 50 inquiries for Wedding Reservations for 2011

We will sell out all available spots, so please contact us ASAP if you are interested.


We had some incredible weddings at Doe Bay this year.


There was some incredible food served:

Including some fabulous desserts:

The wedding couple at a Doe Bay wedding comes home to their cabin and finds this scene:

Wedding Ducks, Chocolate and

Rose Petals


The Doe Bay Cafe is the Centerpiece for Fun and Food at Doe Bay!

And Now

Hard Liquor

And the drinks are GOOD! This is the first cocktail ever consumed at the Doe Bay Cafe.... a fresh rhubarb / strawberry vodka muddled infusion a la Freddy. We check ID on anyone born after 1954!


Sign of the Times, Doe Bay Style


Doe Bay Kids and Dogs -

Thanks Brandi!



Contest of the Week

Name That Boat

Name the boat above ... (extra credit for the location, back-story and the names of the people in the photo.)



Make sure to schedule a massage for yourself and each of your friends when you make your Doe Bay reservation!

Doe Bay Massages are the Best!


Doe Bay Resort & Retreat


Preview - We are pretty sure that Seattle actor, MATT SMITH will reprise his recent hit one-man show, ALL MY CHILDREN , at Doe Bay in February. He will be here putting on a weeklong improv workshop and is kind enough to be willing to share his great storytelling with us.

If you're thinking about organizing an Event between now and 2011, we'd love to talk to you. Yoga Retreats, Family Reunions, Book Clubs, Writer's Workshops, Spiritual Retreats, Film Workshops, Dance Intensives, and more have been hosted at Doe Bay with great success. Let us know when you're interested in making an event happen and we'll help make it the success you want it to be.

We can't wait to see you here again, or for the first time. Write TODAY to

Watch our Events page for details:

Every Thursday is open mic, beer and pizza from 5 to 10 with the music starting at about 7; and

Almost Every Friday we feature live music at the cafť, starting at about 7:30pm.

Every Monday is MOVIE NIGHT at the Doe Bay Cafe.


The View

From Your Yurt

Fall Winter Spring Mountain Biking Season Is Here!
For the Bargain Hunters....
Tell Your Friends!
Send Us Your Photos

Lots of News

First - A Star is Born!

Our New General Manager

Jami Mitchell

It is difficult to call Jami new in that she is perhaps the most familiar face of Doe Bay and has been for over five years. Shown here with her husband Fabrice, who is himself a beloved part of the Doe Bay community as a regular performer and host of "open mic" in the cafe on Thursday nights. Jami has been runnning the show behind the scenes for most of her five plus years with us. Please take an opportunity to meet Jami and congratulate her the next time you call or visit Doe Bay.

In our next newsletter, Jami will announce our new Resident Managers who will move to the property just after Halloween. We are excited about the future as we continue to build something very unique in our island paradise.


Upcoming Events

Last year, during the "quiet seasons", it was a highlight for me to hear from so many Orcas Island residents (and guests from the mainland as well), that Doe Bay was the most ALIVE place in the San Juan Islands. We hope to continue that tradition with as many stimulating events as we can conjure. The only thing we need is for you to support the effort by attending. Please read the list below and put at least one of these on your calendar. Call and reserve now.

(Remember, these events are in addition to open mic at the Doe Bay Cafe with beer, wine and pizza EVERY THURSDAY and MOVIE NIGHTS EVERY MONDAY.)


October 8

Wildlife plays live at the Doe Bay Cafe

This is Jonathan Hu's latest project and if you have ever seen him play at Doe Bay, you know it will be great.


BIG Week(end) at Doe Bay

October 14 (and maybe the 10th or 11th too)

Open Mic - Features Jake Hemming

Clickk here >>>>> <<<< Click Here

Hint - This is where you saw him last! Click on the logo to check Jake out!

Jake and Quinn will be our honeymooning guests all week, so watch for him playing whenever the opportunity arises. If it works out with his schedule, we will get Jake to do a few tunes in the Cafe on the 10th or 11th.


October 15, 2010

The Fall Feast for Funhouse

Doe Bay Cafe is pleased to host a fall fundraiser benefiting the Funhouse, one of our favorite local charities. All proceeds from the elegant prix fixe dinner will go towards this vital community youth center. To learn more or book your reservation, please email Doe Bay is proud to support its local community! Abigael will be working her magic in the Doe Bay kitchen so don't miss this event.


October 17, 2010


Since this is our first SPLAB event, I will give you the background. Last year we partnered with Artsmith to present the Monday night Salon Series at Doe Bay. Our friends at Artsmith will continue that tradition with regular performances in town and we will carry on at Doe Bay with SPLAB. We are featuring guest writers from around the country to read pieces of their work. The Cafe features its incredible gourmet, organic, locally-sourced menu on these special Sunday evenings throughout the fall/winter. Following the guest author, local writers will have an opportunity to read their own works each week in a Writer's Open Mic. All lovers of food, wine and words are welcome! Reading begins at 7:30 pm. Reserve a table for dinner by calling 360-376-8059. To find out more about SPLAB visit

Michael McClure is a rock star of the literary world and you have the opportunity to meet him and experience his talent at Doe Bay. He is a poet, playwright, songwriter, and novelist who initially gained fame as one of the five poets who read at the legendary San Francisco Six Gallery reading in 1955, where Allen Ginsberg first read Howl. Author of 16 books of poetry, McClure has received numerous awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship, an Obie Award for Best Play, an NEA grant, the Alfred Jarry Award, and a Rockefeller grant for playwriting. His play The Beard provoked numerous censorship battles. In Los Angeles, the cast was arrested after each performance for fourteen nights in a row. Later, The Beard received two Obies in New York, and it has played a role in U.S. censorship and free speech battles since 1966 when it won its first lawsuit. McClure has worked extensively with Doors’ keyboardist Ray Manzarek, and they have collaborated on several CD’s. Third Mind, a film of Michael and Ray's conversations and performances, premiered on the Sundance Channel. McClure's songs include "Mercedes Benz," popularized by Janis Joplin.


October 18, 2010

Movie Night with Michael McClure

We couldn't let Michael McClure spend a week on the property without engaging him in as many ways as possible. Monday night is movie night at Doe Bay! There will be full dinner service, half price bottles of wine, and free popcorn at showtime! Please call 360-376-8059 for movie information and reservations! Michael McClure, the featured author from Sunday nights SPLAB Literary Salon, will commentate his autobiographical documentary "Abstract Alchemist of Flesh" featuring cameos by Ray Manzarek, Dennis Hopper, and Allen Ginsberg.


More Music

Friday, October 22nd

Origamighost 7:30
(Or check them out on MySpace)


Friday, Oct 29th

Alexander's Real Time Band 7:30


October 31st, 2010

Sam Hamill Comes to Doe Bay

Reserve now (360) 376-8059

On October 31st SPLAB will be featuring Sam Hamill who is the author of more than forty books, including fifteen volumes of original poetry (most recently Measured by Stone and Almost Paradise: New & Selected Poems & Translations); four collections of literary essays, including A Poet’s Work and Avocations: On Poetry & Poets; and some of the most distinguished translations of ancient Chinese and Japanese classics of the last half-century. He co-founded, and for thirty-two years was editor at, Copper Canyon Press. He taught in prisons for fourteen years and has worked extensively with battered women and children. An outspoken political pacifist, in 2003, declining an invitation to the White House, he founded Poets Against War, compiling the largest single-theme poetry anthology in history. He has been awarded fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Guggenheim Foundation, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, the Mellon Fund, and the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission. His work has been translated into more than a dozen languages. He presently divides his time between his studio in Port Townsend, Washington, and Buenos Aires.


To see other events for the rest of November and beyond, please go to the:



Thanksgiving at Doe Bay

The best way to describe Thanksgiving at Doe Bay is to tell you that you will feel like a pilgrim. The best way to show you is to include some photos from last year. The first is a shot of our guests arriving by foot ferry...

Next... the big feast...

at the Doe Bay Cafe!


You will love spending Thanksgiving at Doe Bay. One of the things you will be thankful for is that you are at Doe Bay on Thanksgiving. PLEASE call to reserve now, as we will sell out. There will be two seatings for dinner and you will have the best weekend of the fall in the relaxing calm of Doe Bay. It is the one day that we serve poultry in the Doe Bay Cafe. We always serve the freshest vegetables and seafood but for Turkey day we serve fresh hot Turkey. Call to hear about the Thanksgiving Family Packages available. (360) 376-2291.


There is a back-story to this. I know I will be criticized for including it here, but you pay dearly to subscribe to this newsletter and I think you deserve the whole truth. For over 20 years, I have not eaten pigs or birds or cows unless I killed them myself. About five years ago, missing turkey on Thanksgiving, I was persuaded to butcher an organic bird raised on our neighbor's farm. We had purchased Doe Bay just a year or two earlier and this seemed like the perfect place for the ritual. Surrounded by our (largely vegan) staff and family and guests, I went "mano a mano" against the helpless beast. I was relying on the advice of a Doe Bay employee who was about 60 and who had apparently smoked pot most of those years. He advised me and the crowd that, by scrambling the birds' brain, the bird would become docile and its spirit would fly away leaving only its body. I did so and he seemed to be right. It was a disturbing act, at best, but certainly part of the process of eating an animal whether we do it or engage others to do it on our behalf. My vegan friends actually were not quite approving, but seemed to appreciate my acknowledgment of the idea that, if you are willing to eat it, you should be willing to kill it. The bird was hanging and ready for removal of it's head. Suffice to say that all hell broke loose. Kids screamed and I wanted to. I plucked butchered, cleaned, cooked and ate the bird. It wasn't too good. Here are two photos and if you coax me I will dig up a video for the next newsletter.

The bird got one hit in before being vanquished.

But ultimately the Turkey fought the law and the law won!

Don't worry, the photo above is a scene you will not see at Doe Bay again!


The photo below is a scene I hope you will see at Doe Bay for years to come:


I love writing these letters when I am up here at Doe Bay. I wrote most of this one sitting in the cafe on a Sunday morning. I had a scramble filled with fresh vegetables from the garden and a double tall non-fat latte. Life is good!

The Proprietor

Post-script -

Even many of our regular guests don't know about Retreat House so check it out by clicking here. It is one of the best places at Doe Bay because you can gather a group of 5 to 20 in a huge house next to the garden. So, we are offering a Retreat House special –30% discount off any new full week reservation in October, excluding holidays. Just mention this newsletter special when you check in.



Doe Bay Fest the 13th! ---- All over but the memories



If you are one of the lucky lucky folks who attended Doe Bay Fest this year, you know that something unique happened here. I can't explain it; as John Sebastian said, "it's like tryin to tell a stranger about rock n' roll." If you have a couple hours, just go through the following links and you will have a small sense of what this was:

1.) Phil's review in Sound on the Sound - Doe Bay Fest Virgin tells all.
2.) Dylan Priest's videos
3.) Jonathan tries to describe Doe Bay Fest in Seismic Sound
4.) Official facebook but only 4 photos (we were kind of busy)
5.) The Seattle PI's Review
6.) Sunshine Music and Good Vibes - Examiner
7.) Genestout Doe-bay-fest-brings-indie-music--to-idyllic-orcas-island-resort
8.) Drake Lane blog - Bliss on Doe Bay
9.) Seattle Subsonic says Doe-bay-fest-should-just-be-called-heaven
10.) The Seattle Weekly Review -Music is the Difference
11.) Dylan Priest's Portraits from Doe Bay Fest
12.) Dylan's Facebook photos
13.) Seattle Weekly - Best weekend Ever... at Doe Bay Fest
14.) A short funny Juli blog
15.) Jason Neureberg's great photos
16.) Vimeo of Drew Grow and the Pastor's Wives
17.) Youtube of Jake & Steve
18.) Dylan Priest's photos on Facebook
19.) Do you even remember the original site?
20.) Youtube video of Kaylee
21.) Youtube video of Kimo Muraki
22.) Michael Compton tells the story of Doe Bay Fest 2010
23.) Jesse Bonn's photos - a view from the maldive's perspective

24.) Sound on the Sound's Flickr photos
25.) Carissa Morris - a "walk On" at open mic plays ukele and sings
26.) Kris plays the two string washtub abd Drew sings video
27.) Robertsen's flickrs
28.) Some in-house Doe Bay Fest photos on Facebook
29.) Hey Marseille's cool video about Doe Bay Fest 2009
30.) QP's photos, Thank you Quinn
31.) Doe Bay Fight Club Video
32.) Artist's Breakfast photos
33.) Nan's Facebook photo's
34.) Ravenna Woods in Studio - A great show
35.) Drew Grow in the Studio - a great video
36.) Jonathan gave doe bay fest 2009 1st place... wonder how we did this year?

37.) New - Meg Schaper's photos

38.) New Melissa Fenno's photos

39.) Hillary Harris' Unbelievable photos from Doe Bay Fest

40.) The 1st of The Doe Bay Sessions - The Maldives videos

41.) Deborah Malarek's Flickr's of Doe Bay Fest

42.) My favorite because it is local to the islands... The Sounder sums it up!

43.) Sharzad's cool Fest photos and great website.

44.) City Arts's cool video photo montage.... Music by the Fruit Bats.

45.) Video of Kimo, facing the Disaster at Doe Bay Fest

46.) Doe Bay Fest After Hours

47.) Drew Grow's Amazing Performance as part of The Doe Bay Sessions

48.) Josh summarizes his Doe Bay experience in Sound on the Sound

49.) Kaylee Cole singing in the woods at Doe Bay Fest

50.) Fruit Bats perform on Meditation Point

Finally, click here or on the logo below or the Fest logo above to read my thank you note to all who attended:




Our Doe Baby!

When Finn the Eskimo gets here,

everybody's gonna jump for joy!

(Rumor - Finn has a db tattoo on his left shoulder)


Click the Map and See the Photos!

Sweet Spot
The Sweet Spot yurt at Doe Bay. The yurt is a simple portable structure most often used by nomads in Central Asia. Photo by Kathryn Brady

Thanks to Cameron, we now have beautiful and detailed photos of every place to stay at Doe Bay. Just click on this link to get to the map. Then click on any site and you will see the photos.




Oh to be a small girl in a big garden!


Ashley harvesting at Doe Bay


Where should we go for dinner?


Where do you go for dinner on your night off if you work at the world famous Doe Bay Cafe?

It is not really an tough question. We know the food was harvested today and prepared with love. Plus, our executive Chef, Abigael Birrell loves her staff and always fixes a few special treats like the appetizer shown here; stuffed squash blossoms, tempura style.



How to get to Doe Bay



By Sea, By Land or By Air

Take the Foot Ferry to Doe Bay!

Getting to Doe Bay can be half the fun. Consider the foot ferry from Island Express, directly to our beach. Call us for details.

Another option is flying on Kenmore Air out of Seattle.

The ferry schedule includes fewer sailings in the Winter and Spring, but they are almost never full, so come on up!

If possible, come for an extra day. I promise the extra day is always the best!




If you read this far, you deserve something. Print out the last page, and bring it with you to the front desk when you check in and it is worth $50.00 toward your accommodations any time in October, 2010. This is not valid with other deals or discounts, but, unless you are Kay Taylor, it's not like you usually get paid to read, right?