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Live Music

Announcing the Summer of Music with Doe Bay’s Artist Residency Program

The quiet moments of Doe Bay Fest; walking through the woods or out on Meditation Point or visiting one of our beaches and running into a friend with a guitar, banjo or just a beautiful voice. This vision was the genesis of the idea I am calling The Doe Bay Musicians Artist Residency Program.

Over the years, a number of artists have come up to Doe Bay to write music in the off-season which was our original residency concept. This is kind of like that, but involves any level and number of performances. A select number of artists have been invited to spend a week in paradise with no mandate other than to create and share. Even if I wasn’t inspired to do this, I would feel compelled. Why? Because performing musicians have been more damaged by the shutdown than almost any other group I can think of. And, Doe Bay, with almost 40 acres and lots of little niches, is a place where small gatherings can happen outside and music can be shared again, safely.


PS Keep an eye on our Events Calendar as we’re actively filling this year’s program with some amazing talent!

Artist in Residence: Bart Budwig

July 7-13, 2020 "Bart Budwig made his first debut at Doe Bay Fest 12 where everyone fell in love with this Canadian/American talent. Visit his web page and listen to his music on bandcamp for a proper introduction.  Doe Bay Fest may be postponed this year, but the magic is [...]

Artist in Residence: Thunderpussy

July 7-13, 2020 "We play music, ride motorcycles, date girls, and lift heavy shit for a living. We also want to change the world, one concert at a time.  Our mission is to gather, uplift and empower those around us by creating a space where people can connect and express themselves [...]

Artist in Residence: Tomo Nakayama

June 30 - July 06, 2020 "Born in Japan and raised in Seattle, Washington, Tomo Nakayama is an artist whose melodic, complex and emotionally compelling music has been praised by the likes of NPR, New York Times, and KEXP." Sample Tomo on Bandcamp Doe Bay Fest may be postponed this [...]

Artist in Residence: Matt Bishop

June 24-29, 2020 Introducing one of our first artist's in residence, Matt Bishop! Matt Bishop, the singer in the band Hey Marseilles, hilariously describes his band as "one of your many local orchestral folk-pop feelings bands." Catch Matt performing a quieter rendition of Hey Marseilles "Rio" solo, with video from their [...]

Artists in Residence: Tekla and Jeff

June 24-29, 2020 Introducing one of our first artist's in residence, Tekla Waterfield and Jeff Fielder! "Tekla lives in the wide-open realm of Americana Roots music, incorporating elements of folk, country, indie, rhythm and blues, and soul. Tekla partnered with collaborator and husband, Jeff Fielder (Mark Lanegan, Amy Ray) to [...]