Live Music

The Summer of Music with Doe Bay’s Artist Residency Program

The quiet moments of Doe Bay Fest; walking through the woods or out on Meditation Point or visiting one of our beaches and running into a friend with a guitar, banjo or just a beautiful voice. This vision was the genesis of the idea I am calling The Doe Bay Musicians Artist Residency Program.

Over the years, a number of artists have come up to Doe Bay to write music in the off-season which was our original residency concept. This is kind of like that, but involves any level and number of performances. A select number of artists were invited to spend a week in paradise with no mandate other than to create and share. Even if I wasn’t inspired to do this, I would feel compelled. Why? Because performing musicians have been more damaged by the shutdown than almost any other group I can think of. And, Doe Bay, with almost 40 acres and lots of little niches, is a place where small gatherings can happen outside and music can be shared again, safely.