The New Doe Bay Reservation Rules

Length of Stay – A five day stay is the minimum through Sept 30, 2020. All reservations will be for 5 days with a 24 to 48-hour cleaning window between guests. This loss of 1-2 days a week has as big impact but it allows us to leave a cabin empty upon departure of a guest with additional hours to clean and sanitize the unit for the next guest.

Accommodations – We offer our fully independent (bath and kitchen) cabins and houses for rental. We are being cautious with allowing reservations in campsites, yurts, or rustic accommodations due to the necessity of shared public spaces such as guest kitchen and our bathroom facilities. A limited number of campsites and yurts near our lower bathhouse will be made available with the possibility of expanding these offerings in late July or early August.

Cafe – Visit our Events Calendar for hours of operation. Onsite guests have the option of Take-Out, Room Service, and Outdoor Dinner Service, as well as Pre-Order Meal Kits, and Grab and Go Cafe Items in our General Store. While the Grounds are open ONLY to our onsite registered guests, Take-Out is available on a pre-order basis to the general public. For more information, as well as current menu options, visit our Cafe webpage.

  • We are buying your meals this summer.  Yes, you read that right.  Not all of your meals, but each registered adult guest will receive a Café voucher for $75 which should buy a dinner and two breakfasts.  Our hope is that you will enjoy more meals than that during your five day (or longer) stay, but this will encourage all to enjoy the great food the Doe Bay Cafe creates in a safe environment.

Capacity – We do not expect to reach over 60% of our normal capacity this season. That means that that many of our long time guests will miss the opportunity to join us, given the limited availability. We apologize for that.

Grounds Closed to the Public – We have always tried to make Doe Bay a welcoming place to all and especially Orcas Island folks. Unfortunately, the entire resort must be closed to the public, allowing only registered guests. We cannot have unidentified people on our property and comply with the governments goal of contact tracing.

Isolation – Traditionally we have strongly encouraged our guests to go to restaurants, shops and the grocery store in Eastsound or elsewhere on the island. We know that Doe Bay has a following and this was an opportunity to support other Orcas Island businesses in the hospitality and tourist trade, even though they were technically competitors. In the short term, that policy has to change. When you come to Doe Bay, we will expect you to stay at Doe Bay. You should bring what you need in your cabin and for your stay, purchase food from our Café or store and not head to Eastsound. You are encouraged to use the Moran State Park, subject to whatever regulations are in place and to enjoy walking, hiking and bike riding on our end of the island. You are discouraged from interaction with others on Orcas island.