Take Relaxation to the Next Level

Allow our highly skilled massage practitioners to create an experience that is as unique as your individual needs. It is our intention to offer services that restore energy and encourage a deep sense of well-being. Doe Bay Spa features two on-site massage cabins, Maya & Saraswati.

Immerse yourself in the stunning views from our salt water soaking tubs, take a dip at the beach or detox in our dry sauna before or after your service, bringing your mind, body and spirit into perfect harmony.

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Featuring our Doe Bay Serenity Oil made locally by Island Thyme. Smooth, warmed bamboo sticks knead and stretch, encouraging the release of muscle and fascia. Warmed stones are used to soothe and detoxify, relieving deep restriction in the body. Integrating these ancient healing methods creates a rejuvenating and therapeutic experience.

60 minutes – $105

90 minutes – $155

This customized massage integrates a variety of techniques to provides release of tension, stress reduction, circulation enhancement and overall wellness. Whether you are seeking relaxation or deep therapeutic massage, this is the treatment for you!

60 minutes – $90

90 minutes – $140

Performed side-lying, this massage focuses on the special needs of the Mother-to-be as her body goes through the phases of change during pregnancy. Enhances muscle and joint function, improves circulation and relieves mental and physical fatigue.

*Available during 2nd & 3rd Trimester only*
60 minutes – $90
90 minutes – $140

Featuring your choice of Island Thyme Aromatherapy blends, made locally! Enjoy a customized massage with intention based on the oil you choose. Keep the remaining oil as our gift to you!

60 minutes – $100

90 minutes – $150


Aly Stoeckley
Aly StoeckleyLMT
Graduated from the Massage Institute of Cleveland in 2012, Aly specializes in deep tissue, Swedish, and craniosacral therapy.

Aly grew up in a small town in Montana in an off-grid cabin. She developed a love for the San Juan Islands while spending the summers of her childhood exploring them from a sailboat.  From a young age Aly discovered her passion for helping others, which in 2011 led her to persue the healing art of massage therapy. She graduated from the Massage Institute of Cleveland in 2012 and developed her skills while working for various resorts and clinics in the state of Montana. She specializes in deep tissue, Swedish, and craniosacral therapy.

Jason Frost
Jason FrostLMT
Jason’s athletic background allowed movement, body awareness and a calm approach to his massage therapy session.

Having spent most of his life exploring the peaks, the valleys, rivers and oceans of the Pacific Northwest, Jason is honored to be able to live and work in a place like Orcas Island. He is deeply drawn to the solitude that the Islands have to offer while also finding depth and inspiration within the wildlife, the people, and the glowing pinks and oranges that the sun casts over the Salish Sea.

Jason’s athletic background allowed movement, body awareness and a calm approach to become strengths in his adult life. When he discovered how closely Massage Therapy encompassed and promoted these traits he was instantly hooked. He feels that the time we set aside for relaxation and self-realization is the sweet spot we all are looking for.

A graduate of the Port Townsend School of Massage, Jason is excited and humbled to share his approach and vital energy with others.

Jessica Snelson
Jessica SnelsonLMT
Swedish, Deep tissue, Clinical Treatment, Muscle Energy Technique, Myofascial Release and Aromatherapy.

Born and raised in Skagit County and the San Juan Islands, Jessica has deep roots and a passion for this incredible area where the farmlands meet the sea. Living on Guemes Island for the past 17 years, she has interests in botany, gardening and plant medicine, learning about wild crafting and herbal medicine in such an abundant natural world around us. Before finding a calling in Massage Therapy, she worked in many a garden and orchard in these islands, along with caring for children before having her own, who is now third generation to the San Juans.

Jessica graduated from the Port Townsend School of Massage and currently has her own practice, Sacred Circle Massage on Guemes Island. She creates a welcoming, centering, peaceful and professional environment to facilitate healing and well-being. We are excited to welcome her into our wonderful team here at Doe Bay Wellness and Spa!

Suzanne Dege
Suzanne DegeLMT and Esthetician
Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiastu, and Energy Work. Being attentive, using a developed intuition while drawing on her experiences.

Suzanne’s interests in wellness and consciousness started when she was in her teens studying nutrition and paranormal subjects. Her other passion was also in dance, having received a BFA in Dance at FSU in 1984. Three years later (via SF & NY), she moved to Seattle where her focus in the Healing Arts blossomed. Suzanne studied various Healing Movement, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Astrology, Meditation, Emotional Healing, and other esoteric subjects. She apprenticed with a talented healer for many years along with studying spiritual based bodywork using Massage, Acupressure, and Energy Work in which treatments were 4-5 hours long. In 1996, Suzanne decided to get her massage license at Heartwood Institute in California, receiving training in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Shiatsu. She has also pursued alternative studies in Plant Spirit Medicine, Matrix Energetics, Jin Shin, Human Design, and various consciousness studies.

One of Suzanne’s greatest joys has been to assist others thru healing touch using Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiastu, and Energy Work. Being attentive, using a developed intuition while drawing on her experiences, Suzanne works on areas that need pressure and opening to give someone exactly what they need! All of this contributes to a sense of flow and a graceful unfolding with an intention to remind others of what is true and essential.

Prepare for your Massage

We highly recommend enjoying our soaking tubs and dry sauna prior to your massage, this is great way to prepare for your treatment.

Please avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water the 24 hours before your appointment.