What is typical for hardened steel?

Steel, that is, an alloy of iron with carbon, is a versatile material with a wide range of applications. Hardened steel belongs to a group of steel materials with special physical properties obtained as a result of an appropriate processing method. What exactly is the hardening process and what properties does steel give, and in which industries is hardened steel used in this way?Properties of Hardened steel
Quenching is the process of imparting certain physical properties to steel through heat treatment, i.e. by changing the temperature. Quenching of steel consists in the initial heating of the material to a predetermined temperature and holding it for a predetermined time - this can be volumetric quenching, when the entire object, including the core, is heated, or surface quenching, i.e. heating only the upper layer of steel. material. The heated steel changes its internal structure to martensitic or bainitic, and then cools. There are several ways of cooling steel, including the usual method, which consists in rapid cooling in a quenching bath., most often in water or oil, as well as a gradual and intermittent method in which the cooling process proceeds more slowly.
The main purpose of hardening steel is to make it harder. The steel prepared in this way is characterized by a high degree of resistance to damage, for example, to abrasion, and also due to hardening has specific strength and plastic properties. Hardened steel can have a different surface, usually glossy gray-blue, as well as white or yellow polished. Hardened steel can also be machined, such as rolling.
Use of hardened steel
Due to its exceptional hardness, abrasion resistance and strength, hardened steel finds many applications in a widely understood industry. It is used especially in devices that perform cyclic work. This type of steel is available in various forms, mainly in the form of sheets and strips wound on rolls. Among the examples of the use of hardened steel:
Industrial knives and blades;
Spring elements;
bearing balls;
Drive shafts.
In addition, hardened steel is also used to produce axles, punches, piston rods, bushings and other components used wherever exceptional durability and hardness of the material used is required. Первое известное намерение регулировать использование марихуаны (разрешалось семена марихуаны купить ) было в 1930 году, когда трава регулировалась путем введения государственных ограничений на продажу медицинского каннабиса. Спустя годы (1937 г.) Конгресс одобрил Закон о налоге на марихуану в Соединенных Штатах.