Mission 8 - Cerber Operation

Skill abandoned cargo ship - Main goal

This time you will manage Swordfish, armed torpedoes and rockets. In this mission, you will most often use the first, and since their use requires some practice, you should be trained on an abandoned ship. When you approach him, you will have to sink it to the torpedo. Note that when you are armed with them, two stripes will appear around the crossrest: the top shows the speed, and the side (left) is height. The trick is to gain speed and height before reset the torpedo, so that both strips become green - this is a great opportunity to reset the torpedo. Please note that to use this weapon you need to fly very low, and in the case of moving ships, take into account the distance that Torpeda must pass to hit the target. Therefore, it is better to go ahead of water units or even a little in front of them.

Find a German ship - Main goal

Speaking an abandoned ship, head to the yellow arrow. Around you will find several boats with spotlights - come to each of them, and you will finally stumble on the German destroyer.

Skill German destroyer - Main goal

Having found an enemy ship, attack it with torpedoes. Remember the previous advice, i.e. On the choice of proper speed and height so that the indicators around the crosshair become green. After resetting the torpedoes quickly take off, wait until the new torpedo is loaded (its indicator is in the upper left corner of the screen), make a turn and attack until the ship leaves for the bottom.

Continue searching German ships - Main goal

Speaking the destroyer, continue patrolling in the direction of the yellow arrow. Fly in the surrounding waters, where you will find several allied ships. Continue patroling until you reach the German ship.

Gneisen Sink - Main Goal

This time you have to sink the Gneisen battle. Do the same as before, i.e. Attack him to the torpedoes, but after their discharge immediately take off the high and to the sides, so that the enemy could not hit you with anti-aircraft fire.

Destroy Squadron Stuka - optional goal

After the sorting of the German ship, it turns out that the enemy parts attacked the Allied ship of the SS "Ariel". Start flying to it as soon as possible. Having reached the destination, switch your weapon from the torpedo to the rocket (key C) and start destroying enemy troops one by one. They are about 8, but several effective flights will send them all to the bottom. Remember that you need to act strongly, otherwise Ariel will be sweeping.

After neutralizing the airport you will find one of the most complex air duels in the game, at least if you are going to perform a secondary task. First of all, I recommend to deal with two attackers using "ordinary" aircraft as soon as possible. It is better to sit on the tail and finish the workshop shot. Rhino Gold Gel asian http://rhino-gold-gel.com/TW/