Spices and Herbs That Spell Casters Can Use On Spells To Bring Love

More often than not, you will hear of some great Spellcasters like Maxim asking for a certain spice to get a spell to bring love to work https://spellshelp.com/practical-magic/articles/love-spells-to-bring-him-back-without-engaging-in-magical-practices. Which gets you thinking, what exactly are these spices? If you have never known, spells to bring love are said to be the enchantments used by a Spellcaster or witches to bring people together.

These herbs and spices used for magic are not just to be used for spells to bring love. They have spells placed on them to generate a certain atmosphere during the time of spell casting. As such, if you plan on doing spells to bring someone back or spells to find love, here are some spices and herbs you should use:


Brings back lost love spell

A sign of protection and beauty is what basil brings to the table. Its attractiveness represents love and spells to bring someone back, and also spells to find love. This is because it leaves a refreshing smell that brings attraction to the one who smells it.

Bay Leaves

A symbol of power and life spells, bay leaves spells are used for spells to bring love and spells to find love. They represent secrets and show that they, too, can be unspoken and still exist.


Cinnamon brings love, power, and positivism spells to the love spell caster. It is a representation of strength and love that it represents love spells to bring someone back as well as ex-back spells. The smell also attracts people, which will further enhance the love spell cast upon the two lovers. It is an aphrodisiac that represents love since it can increase blood flow and raise testosterone levels in the body.


Clove used in brings back lost love spells symbols represent life and bring success in love. It is used for most spells involving the opposite sex. So much so that if you want to use a bring him back to me spell, clove might be one of the ingredients that Maxim or other Wiccan or hoodoo sorcerers might use in their rituals.


Rosemary can be utilized a bring my ex-lover back. This herb symbolizes the onset of victory. And it is said to bring triumphant over one's enemies, which could be another person holding on to your true love. Its refreshing aroma is also symbolic of a new beginning, and its growth style shows resilience through hard times.


The Lavender plant that Maxim uses on love spells has a soothing aroma which is used by many love spell casters. This love herb symbolizes love and affection, bringing inner peace and calming the senses. The scent is said to attract love, bring love and keep love. It can be used in love mixtures, and love rituals perfect for bringing back lost love spells or spells to bring someone to you.


The lemon also shows the power of love, which is said to have positive energy and is used for all forms of love magic, including coming back to me love spells. The juice has been known to heal emotional problems, and its scent brings back love and passion. It is a love-attracting scent that can be used to bring love back into your life or send love spells out.


Rose has been used as a love symbol for many centuries; the rose is also the national flower of England. The rose helps with love magic, including binding love spells and breaking up love spells and when one seeks to bring someone back to life spell.

How these herbs and spices are used for love magic

Once a spell caster asks for the above plants, they will be specific on what part of the plant you will bring. Depending on the love back spell, you may be asked to bring the seeds, flowers, roots, leaves, fruits, or even the entire live plant.

Whatever the spell caster requests, please make sure that you deliver. And if you are unable, tell them straight up so that they will know what to do. So much so, when you have a request like I need a spell caster to bring back my lover, expect the spell caster to use these plants in the following ways:

They will dry the plants

Spellcaster Maxim and others in this profession might keep the plant and let them wilt. Others would save them for some other use. But one thing is for sure: they will save those plants and return them to their clients as ingredients of the return ex-lover spells.

The wilting of the plant might symbolize the end of your mystery and also the timeline of the spell. Meaning that once it is completely dry, the return ex-lover spell will have taken effect.

Some might even ask you which part you prefer because it gives power to the return ex-lover spells if they make incantations from actual parts used by the person who requests return love spells. In most cases, people go with flowers and leaves though there are times when someone asks for seeds or roots.

The spellcaster might make powder from the plant

Another possible way they will use these plants is to crush them into a paste of powder.

A spellcaster might utilize this residue by making a pill or charm using it. The return love spells practitioners shape it into a rounded pill, which they then put in a red cloth and store inside the new return spell.

The return ex-lover spells casters can also make incantations over this fabric to charge its contents with their return lover magic. After that, their return love spells make sure you carry or wear them everywhere you go for five days.

The return ex-lover spells caster might also recommend you to take off your clothes before wearing this charm out of the house because it has to touch your skin directly. This is a practice to strengthen the herbs. Others might instruct you to feed this powder to the target; others might ask you to spray it to make them inhale it. Others might simply instruct you to draw a line outside their door, and once they skip it, they become instantly enchanted.

Spellcasters might use it to make a liquid portion

Spellcasters might speak some words to the plant and instruct you to boil the spices and herns to make a portion. In this case, they offer you strict rules: what to use, what to add, and where to place it.

Your spellcaster will give you the best recommendations based on their own experience. Regardless of what the spice is, you may be asked to ingest or apply it on your skin for it to activate a spell to bring two lovers together.

The spellcaster might ask you to keep the plant and nature it

In some cases, the plant that you took for an easy spell to bring a lover back might all depend on the life of that plant. And this means that as long as the plant stays alive, your lover stays put, and your love blossoms. Just like the plant, your relationship will need watering, naturing and caring. So much so, when you do this to the plant, it reflects on your life. You will often have to grow the plant in a piece of land that you frequently visit to care for the plant.

Caution: Make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients before attempting this spell; better yet, at least do a patch test just to be safe before attempting this spell combination. Tell your spellcaster about it, and they will find an alternative way to do things.

Why herb magic spells to bring your lover back are powerful

Herb and spice magic is very powerful because it can influence people's consciousness and minds, which means your incarnation will be more effective in a spell to attract a husband or bring him back.

Herbs are known for their metaphysical properties that, when combined spell to attract a man or when used on a spell to bring a man back spell is done; it has the power to affect the mind of a person the caster aims at.

The said thing also applies when two lovers become too distant from each other. Here, Maxim aims to bring the once inseparable couple together, trying his best to gather around-the-clock incarnations that will help him do his job properly.

Some many herbs and spices can be used in spells either by themselves or combined with other ingredients. This depends on the function of the ritual, potency, and style of the caster.

Are herbs and spices used alone?

In most cases, no. For example, for white magic love spells to draw a lover, the most common ingredients used are white candles, white sage, and white rose petals. However, some use white carnations and white datura flowers because of their spiritual powers that contain mesmerizing properties.

In addition to the plant ritual components, it is also important for the caster to have a proper visualization or imagination during the spell casting process to make a powerful incantation more effective. 

Take Away

Plants are a vital part of nature and that is why some spellcasters will utilize them in the spells to make someone come back to you. They work wonders. And if you would love to know more, just ask Spell caster Maxim, he knows best. And he might be able to help you with a love spell to bring her back.