The best payment methods in sports betting

An absolutely popular type of entertainment is currently a wide range of online games and sports betting. Many of these games can be played safely from your smartphone, and in most cases you don't even need to spend any money. With online bets offered by thousands of gaming bookmakers, anyone can play with or without money. If you understand the rules, you are generally willing to try your luck, and you should take care to ensure that the money ends up safely in your own client account.

What rates are worth investing in?

Of course, only those that are marked as safe. No matter where you want to play, be it from Austria, Switzerland or Germany, the general conditions for playing safely are the same. A valid EU license must be available, as well as secure and modern encryption methods and secure payment methods. Anyone who meets all the framework conditions, as well as offering great bonuses, a wide variety of games and a suitable payment service provider, can be quickly found on comparison portals such as top crypto bookmakers.

These payment methods are welcome and very secure

Most providers rely on multiple money service providers to offer the right option for everyone in the target group. At the top of the online sports betting lists are e-wallets, credit cards, crypto and prepaid cards.

Electronic wallets

Neteller and Skrill are perhaps the most well-known representatives in sports betting. These two applications are globally recognized and comply with data protection regulations in terms of protecting users' sensitive data. Deposits are made quickly and without much delay. However, both of these options have a downside. In most cases, the player is not eligible to participate in bonus promotions in online betting.

Credit cards

Classic credit cards Visa and Mastercard are also represented by almost all providers. Many players simply use this form of deposit. With modern authentication procedures, this method is absolutely secure. In particular, Visa uses the Verified by Visa TAN procedure. Mastercard, on the other hand, uses a secure MasterCard code for completely secure transactions.

Prepaid card

When searching for prepaid cards in sports betting, the name Paysafecard constantly pops up. The advantage of this deposit method is that no personal banking details are required. The card is bought at a gas station or a supermarket. It comes with a code that is entered in the customer center on the casino website. But there is a drawback, payments by this method are impossible. In this case, the online platform uses a somewhat slow bank transfer.


Cryptocurrencies are a new trend in sports betting. Digital coins are highly secure and almost completely anonymous, although many Germans are still critical of this currency. For a deposit, all you have to do is enter the email address of the crypto account and the corresponding amount will be credited. All transactions are super fast and cannot be changed afterwards. So you must know exactly what you want to do here. The disadvantage of this payment method is that the rates are subject to strong fluctuations. This is especially noticeable when video games are played in euros or dollars and the digital coin needs to be changed. How will the blockchain revolution affect esports? find out on this web page.