Where should a sex tourist go for a weekend getaway?

Planning to spend an unforgettable vacation in the company of an attractive girl without excessive complexes, but do not know where to go? There are dozens of countries where the sex industry is legal at all levels of government, so you can experience the charms of affordable entertainment without regard to the local police. However, some tourist destinations are able to surprise and experienced womanizers who have studied the erotic segment from within for years. In this article, we will look at five countries that can outshine the acknowledged whales of commercial sex.

Where should a sex tourist go for a weekend getaway?

Philippines - top destination for sex tourism

The Philippines is a revelation for those who are tired of Thailand's excessive entertainment and are looking for new vacation options. Local call girls are sleeker and more sophisticated than the Thais, plus there are no prostitute shifters here who remain guys below the belt.
Although the state professes Catholic values and local prostitutes are not legalized, you can hire a prostitute in every entertainment venue. And the prices are so democratic that for 150-200 dollars it is possible to reserve a girlfriend for 24 hours. Also with a prostitute you can arrange before the vacation, using the numerous sites for dating - in this case, the selected Filipina will meet at the airport.

Brazil - the carnival of passionate sex

According to statistics, Latin American countries are gaining popularity among sex tourists, gradually replacing the traditional destinations. For example, in Brazil prostitution is officially forbidden, but tourists enjoy the company of attractive Latin women without fear, because most beauties have agreements with the police.
Brazilian prostitutes have invented a new concept in the industry of paid sex - "terms", when for a small amount of money a tourist gets a set of entertainment, including a relaxing massage, a bath or sauna and roof top sex. And in the nightclubs you can get a girlfriend for $20-30, but you have to be careful who you choose your target, because there are "homemade girls" in such establishments.

Ukraine is a Slavic cradle of debauchery.

Sexy Ukrainians are known far beyond the country, and sex tourists come to the country in droves. For example, prostitutes in Odessa and Kiev mostly work with foreign customers, who they meet online or in entertainment venues. Also in large cities it is possible to find full-fledged brothels with the classical set of services and thematic clubs, focused on the rare skills.
As for the price, Ukrainian prostitutes are considered to be the most budget-friendly, so you will find here options for clients of any income. We recommend using the Bordelero.net website for a secure partner search.

Madagascar is an island of sexual discoveries.

African prostitutes are a curiosity for the European tourists, so every year thousands of tourists come to the island. Moreover, the law does not prohibit sexual industry, which means that the girls have sex for money on a legal basis. The main thing is that the prostitute must be of legal age, because on Madagascar it is allowed to get sexual intercourse from the age of 16.
Traditionally, the greatest number of night prostitutes gather in the capital and close to the coast. Black beauties from all over the cities and towns come to the resort areas to find a generous sponsor and earn money on their own appearance.

Mexico - a new perspective on familiar services

Most vacationers look for girlfriends in the capital or popular resort towns like Cancun or Guadalajara, but the escorts girls of Queretaro, Villermos or Puerto Vallarta are just as skilled and attractive. In addition, the girls speak English, which makes communication with the customer comfortable.
The legal status of the profession allows meeting with individual girls anywhere in the country. And the availability of specialized Internet resources helps to get acquainted remotely, even without leaving their hotel rooms.