We have had an active charitable component at Doe Bay since 2003.  But it was an intentionally well-kept secret.  We have been encouraged by others to tell the story in that giving encourages giving.  With that in mind:

Doe Bay takes its role as a part of the Orcas Island, San Juan Islands, Washington State, US and World communities seriously.  This is consistent with the view and approach of the owners, Seattle Philanthropists, Joe & Maureen Brotherton.  We have a number of philanthropic endeavors concentrating close to home on Orcas Island but extending to places like Uganda and Haiti.

  • Open Mic Night – For nearly a decade we have donated a portion of Thursday night Café sales to local charities.  This has resulted in over $35,000.00 in gifts to Island Charities. A selected charity receives all gifts for a particular month.  If you are a SJ County charity and would like to apply to be a recipient, please write to  (By the way, we recently changed the menu so every few weeks we are exploring a different worldly food theme, such as Thai, Indian or Sushi.
  • Discounts for Artists – Doe Bay has become a haven for artists who receive subsidies to be able to enjoy a Doe Bay holiday. Contact
  • Auction Donations – Doe Bay supports Washington State charities with donations for auctions, raffles and giveaways.  We average annual donations of over $18,000.00.  A personal connection to Doe Bay increases the likelihood of a gift and we try not to give to the same cause in back to back years.  If interested, please write to

We thank you for being interested in Doe Bay and our community.