Meet Our Therapists

Kerstin Nash

MA #60012305

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork


Ashley Elaine Shenk

MA #61343004

Therapeutic Massage


What You should know BEFORE arriving to your appointment:

  • WA State requires the therapist/client to wear a mask.
  • If you have traveled with or have been taking care of anyone who has been sick, cancel your appointment.
  • All communication is between You & the massage therapist. Doe Bay staff is not responsible for scheduling, adjusting, cancelling or otherwise making contact with the massage therapist.
  • Use the restroom PRIOR to showing up for your appointment.
  • Regardless of restroom use, ALL clients/guest must wash their hands PRIOR to their appointment.
  • Please bring your own water to the appointment as water will not be offered.
  • Payment will be made directly to the massage therapist at time of service. Cash, check or Venmo accepted.
  • Couples massage IS NOT available.

Thank you for your understanding.  There is a wide range of factors to be considered working with guests/clients. Thank you for helping keep Doe Bay a Healthy and Safe environment for all.