Our Therapists

At this time, therapeutic massage offerings at Doe Bay Resort are limited and at the discretion of the therapist. Sessions are booked directly with the therapist, not through the resort.

Availability: Daily upon request

Kerstin Nash

MA #60012305

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork




Availability: Friday – Saturday

Iona McCombie Smith

MA #61372668

Healing Massage Therapy




Availability: Sunday – Thursday

Circadia St.Clair

MA #61166850

Therapeutic Massage Therapy




What You should know BEFORE arriving to your appointment:

  • WA State no longer requires the therapist/client to wear a mask, however it is at the discretion of the therapist/client whether or not they are worn.
  • If you have traveled with or have been taking care of anyone who has been sick, cancel your appointment.
  • All communication is between You & the massage therapist. Doe Bay staff is not responsible for scheduling, adjusting, cancelling or otherwise making contact with the massage therapist.
  • Use the restroom PRIOR to showing up for your appointment. Restroom facilities can be found in multiple locations around the resort.
  • Please bring your own water to the appointment
  • Payment will be made directly to the massage therapist.
  • Spa access is separate from massage services. For more information regarding the Doe Bay Spa, visit our webpage.