Walk-In Waterfront Single Campsite – Auklet

$53-$84 a night

Our Single Campsites are ideal for parties of 1-2 with a small two-to-three person tent. Being a Walk-In Waterfront Campsite means you must be prepared for a 5-7 minute walk out to your site. Complimentary wagons and carts are provided to help you transport your camping gear and supplies.

As with all of our walk-in waterfront campsites, Auklet Campsite comes with an awe-inspiring and picturesque view.

Check the interactive resort map for camping locations.

Auklet: Availability & Reservations

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Things to Consider Before Booking Auklet Campsite

  • The terrain leading out to the campsite can be uneven and rocky in places. If this is a concern, we recommend booking one of our Drive-In Campsites situated closer to the heart of the resort.
  • There are 1-2 portolets roughly 3 minutes away, situated halfway between the campsite and the nearest indoor restroom.
  • You’ll find Upper and Lower Bathhouse approximately 5-7 minutes from your campsite, each with showers and toilets.
  • A camper comfort station is provided with lockers and storage to help keep your food safely secured and out of the reach of our greatest resident pest, the raccoon! We urge you not to leave food in your tent, even at night.
  • The camper comfort station is your nearest source for potable water. There is also a spigot located just behind the Yoga Studio, as well as a large dish washing sink at Lower Bathhouse.
  • Guest Kitchen in Lower Field, adjacent to Lower Bathhouse, provides a full kitchen space and kitchenware including pots, pans, cooking and eating utensils, and cooking appliances such as range and coffee maker; you must supply your own perishables, including condiments.
  • There are trail lights leading most of the way out to the campsite, however we highly recommend carrying flashlights. It gets very dark here at night — great for viewing the stars, but not so great when trying to find your way back to your campsite!
  • Fires are permitted ONLY at the communal fire circle located near the General Store and Cafe. Do bear in mind, we often find ourselves in a burn ban from July thru mid-September.
  • We offer wi-fi resort-wide, however the signal is less likely to extend as far out as Auklet Campsite. Otter’s Lodge, located directly beneath the Doe Bay Cafe, can be utilized for those needing a quiet, indoor workspace while on property.
  • Pets are welcome in any of our campsites for a one-time fee of $25.
  • Before booking, read the latest information on spa rentals.
  • More information on guest policies here, and on amenities here.