Festival Camping and Accommodations

Doe Bay Fest is primarily a camping festival with the vast majority of our guests and guest Artists pitching tents across the expanse of the picturesque 35-acre ocean-front property. Festival camping is $125 PER TENT plus tax and accommodates from 1 to 4 people in a single tent. Tents must be small-medium in size (not bigger than 10’x10’ footprint). Each tent (regardless of size) requires a tent tag. Purchase additional tent tag(s) to spread out beyond 10’x10’ and make your camp exactly what you want it to be!

All tents are assigned, but you can request to camp in a specific location or near a friend’s tent. Make your request at the time of booking, or email your request to admin@doebay.com and we’ll do our best to honor your request!

Upgrading to a Premium Campsite, Yurt, or Cabin

We get a lot of requests for upgrades to cabins, yurts, domes, or premium drive-in or walk-in campsites. The first thing we recommend is to purchase your tickets and tent tags which puts you on the list to receive notification if/when any upgrades are released. Typically, it’s not until June or July when we are able to make such an announcement. We first have to lock in our artists, sponsors, vendors, etc. before we can sell to the general public and a lot of those details are not set until close to the final hour. We usually send an email before the announcement so you can be on alert. Some years it’s been a bit competitive, so we try to give everyone a fair shot.

If you are one of the lucky few to secure an upgrade from festival camping, the cost of your original ticket and tent tag purchase will be refunded. Because each package includes up to 5 nights of stay (arrive as early as Wednesday; stay as long as Monday), as well as festival tickets for the number of adults specified, the packages may seem pricey. Enjoying Doe Bay Fest in general festival camping is cheap and easy, but enjoying Doe Bay Fest from one of our premium spaces is an extra exceptional experience – treat yourself!

Car Camping

On-site car camping is limited ONLY to the Drive-In Campsites that are a part of Doe Bay Resort’s regular campsite inventory and are considered premium campsite upgrades. Refer to the text on upgrades above for more information. There are additional car camping options located off-site that become available for purchase in late spring. The cost to upgrade from a festival camping tent tag to offsite car camping may run between $30 to $70 plus tax. An advantage to this upgrade is that it includes a parking space with the option to sleep in your vehicle plus additional room to pitch a tent next to your vehicle.

If you are interested in purchasing an off-site car camping site, we recommend first purchasing your tickets and festival camping tent tag. You will then be notified by email of any car camping opportunities when they become available for purchase.