September 1-3, 2023

Alexis Mahler explores her softness through the dark and earthy colors of the cello. A somber strum comforted by delicate lyrics and playful, mellow melodies, Mahler’s songwriting innocently reaches for the most tender and heartful listener.

As a classically-trained violinist and cellist, Alexis spends her days teaching a private studio full of lovely, bright young string players, doing session work as a one-person string section for her beloved songwriter friends, composing and arranging pieces for string ensembles/her own solo projects, and studying other instruments such as electric bass and guitar. Special collaborators include: Michael Gamble, Matt Costa, Shook Twins, John Craigie, Jacob Miller, Hanna Haas, Erisy Watt, Lindsay Clark, and Forest Veil.

“The beauty and power that Alexis Mahler creates with her voice and cello is simply mesmerizing. With patient and confident phrasing, a soothing resonance of vulnerability and strength, Mahler has delivered a poignant and intimate EP titled Away that draws us directly into her being. Songs of heartbreak, taking space, rebuilding a life, self care, or maybe — self survival. These are pertinent emotions in a world that is pleading to wake up tomorrow more empathetic than it did today.”

— Glide Magazine