August 25-31, 2021

Benjamin Swatez is an American born International artist who has exhibited in over 80
international art exhibitions on four continents, in both museums and professional galleries. He
has directed creative therapy projects and community murals for over a decade in villages freed
from debt bondage slavery, with survivors of sex slavery, former child soldiers, orphans from
the guerilla warfare, in refuge camps, homeless shelters and hospitals.

Benjamin is at the forefront of the expanding field of peace-building and conflict resolution
through art. He first listens to each community and sculpts the activities according the needs,
interests and conflict of each unique location. He engages all participants, regardless of their
artistic skill, in art classes and community mural painting, by creating a safe container for each
individual to feel empowered, while placing equal attention on both the process of creation and
the quality of the final product that shares positive messaging for years to come.