Another great review

1/10/22 Doe bay is a great place to stay! All of the staff are super nice, and this is an amazing place to de-stress. The soaking pools are so nice, and I love coming here to relax, slow [...]

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Evan Flory-Barnes

September 15-28, 2021 Evan Flory-Barnes merges his breadth of musical experiences to create an elegant, honest, approachable and magical sound. With deep influences in hip-hop’s boom-bap, classical music’s delicacies and rock ‘n’ roll’s power, Flory-Barnes is a fire, centralized and for any [...]

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July 28-August 3, 2021 Catherine Harris-White (SassyBlack) is a multifaceted creative force with a focus in the performing and literary arts. Hailing from Seattle, this Goddess of “psychedelic soul” & “hologram funk” explores sound through deep electronic compositions. [...]


LILA Retreat With Leif Hansen

December 6-8, 2019 LILA events helps you to return to a child-like state of curiosity, or ‘wonderosity’, about life’s craziness so you can begin to more powerfully & joyfully experience yourself, others & how you want to play [...]

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