Sept. 15-21, 2021

(Devin Mauch will be attending DBAIR-21 representing his brand “The Wild Electric”.
“A brand inspired by the burn.”
The Wild Electric is a brand ignited at the intersections of adventure, experience, conservationism, and the pursuit of art.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to embark on journeys all over North America, and over time, I found myself drawn towards searing these moments back into the world from which they came.

Pyrography is defined as “the art or process of producing designs or pictures, as on wood or leather, by burning or scorching with hot instruments.” Simply put, it is the art of drawing with fire.

The elements of pyrography are deeply connected. The artist, like an alchemist, carnally combines wood and fire, marrying them in order to spring forth new purpose and meaning.

The wood I use as canvas comes from many places. At times I’ll harvest the tree, mill the boards, sand them smooth, and then begin the burn. Other projects are on wood pieces I’ve foraged from the beaches and forests while out exploring. But I am no stranger to working with guitars, wooden antiques, roadside finds, and anything else that may inspire a burn. 

Inspiration from Adventure. 

From my adventures comes inspiration. Most of my designs and themes are pulled from nature and at times completely inspired by the natural scene within the wood grain. I find myself returning to themes derived from time spent in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, New Brunswick, the Redwood Forests, National Parks, the Hudson River Valley at the base of the Catskill Mountains where I grew up, and frequently adventuring around my new home state of Maine.

At this time, The Wild Electric pieces will be released monthly in small batches. However, I will frequently announce openings for commission pieces throughout the year.

Keep it wild

Instagram – @thewildelectric