June 23-29, 2021

Alec Shaw is a singer/songwriter and producer born and raised in the beautiful state of Washington, in the foothills of the Cascades. During 2020 Alec has shifted his focus on writing and recording, as well as producing an album for The Voice finalist and long time collaborator Zan Fiskum. Along with recording projects for other artists, Alec spent the “down time” working on his fourth studio album “Quantity” set to release in 2021 featuring his most creative and dramatic work to date. He also spent time as a contestant on ABCs American Idol and Joined Common’s new artist collective “Stardust Kids” at the beginning of 2021. 

With an affinity for minimalist pop and firm roots planted in American traditional music, Jacob Miller crafts a timeless sound unique to his voice, style and abilities.

In 2019, Jacob released and toured his debut record, ‘This New Home,’ across America and Europe to much acclaim. In addition to a busy touring schedule, Miller was also a featured performer on NBC’s The Voice working with artists like Nick Jonas and James Taylor. Miller will release his sophomore album in Fall 2021.

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