August 25-31, 2021

The Goodness Tour Collective

The Goodness Tour collective is a team of artists from the band Luc and the Lovingtons and the non profit organization The Goodness Tour: Music and Art for People Facing Adversity. A special team from the collective comprised of two visual artists, a musician and a dancer and poet will be coming together for one week of artist in residency at Doe Bay Resort to create a full spectrum art piece unlike anything they have done before.

Luc Reynaud co-founder of the goodness tour and the band Luc and the Lovingtons has toured the world in a life study of the power of music and creativity as a healer. Luc has written songs with refugee’s, natural disaster survivors, people facing homelessness, celebrities and more. In 2005 he wrote a song called The Freedoms Song in a Hurricane Katrina evacuation shelter with a group of children evacuees which later two time grammy award winner Jason Mraz would record a worldwide version of.

Safiya Reynaud is an actor, dancer and poet from The Bahamas.. She has worked in youth empowerment, while performing in film and music videos with her unique creative approach to theater, dancing and poetry. She created a youtube channel called Island Girl and Country Boy which showcases the joy of love across cultures between her Island world and her husband Luc’s country world.

Azerine De Luca is a Canadian contemporary mixed-media Artist, who expands artistic expression to the edge. Throughout her internal and international artistic explorations, she has witnessed first hand the theraputic benefits of creativity and its ability to connect people from all corners of the globe. It became even more evident during her recent art expedition down the Congo River, “The Heart of Resilience” with Benjamin Swatez, as most of the population along the river had never before seen a professional female artist and she inspired countless young women and girls to pursue their dreams.

Benjamin Swatez Co-founder of the goodness tour and member of the band Luc in the Lovingtons is an American born International artist who has exhibited in over 80 international art exhibitions on four continents, in both museums and professional galleries. He has directed creative therapy projects with thousands of people facing the most extreme adversity on Earth along with directing community murals in 37 countries. Mr. Swatez is at the forefront of the expanding field of peace-building and conflict resolution through art.