August 5-7, 2022

Navid Eliot is best known as the songwriter and frontman of the bands ‘Bodies On The Beach’ and ‘Planes On Paper,’ but he is also an active touring sideman, studio guitarist, and producer for a slew of well-loved Northwest artists. Navid’s songwriting has been celebrated and featured by The John F. Kennedy Center, American Songwriter Magazine, The Seattle Times, Relix Magazine, and dozens of other venues and print media outlets. Navid’s songs have enjoyed airplay on KEXP Seattle, NPR, WNYU New York, KCSN Los Angeles, WXPN Philadelphia, WNRN Charlottesville, OPB Portland, Portland, and many, many more.

His solo shows are, in equal measure, a display of his songwriting prowess and an homage to the songwriters he holds in high regard. 

“Folk music at the highest level.”

— Greg Jones, Ear To The Ground

“Navid’s voice barely rises above a whisper, but his words have the fury of Shakespeare and the fire of the old testament. […] Plangent doom-folk, with a religious mystic level of self-reflection. Delivered with instrumentation so gentle that it’s therapeutic it finds a path through extreme isolation, and anti-social behavior, to acceptance and surrender, and eventually happiness.”

— Sean Jewell, American Standard Time