Class: Morning Hatha Flow

Day’s: Monday & Friday Morning @8am-9am

Class Description: Rise and shine with a morning flow that is sure to awaken the body for a productive day ahead. Come and enjoy the soft mornings at Doe Bay with an all levels stretch and strengthening yoga class. A sure what to start the day and put your best foot forward.

Personal BIO: Em Hill received their 200 hour training in 2017 from Sage Yoga School in Arkansas. They prioritize creative flows and setting long term goals in their own practice and teaching, while maintaining a strong focus on breath and presence in their all-level Hatha classes.

Breath and presence are at the center of my teaching method. I value creative flows and setting long term goals in my own practice and seek to bring that to others as well. I specialize in beginners classes but love teaching more intense asanas to boost confidence and self-discovery and to deepen students’ svasana.