March 27, 2020 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Cruso will regale you with the intricacies of the fascinating hammered dulcimer; an ancient instrument that originated in Persia over 2000 years ago.  She plays both traditional Celtic tunes and her own world inspired contemporary compositions.  She is also a singer/songwriter, accompanying herself often on alternately tuned guitars creating a rich weaving of chords, melody, and intelligent lyrics.  Her songs about bards, divine strangers, love and redemption are poetic stories for the soul.


“It’s beautiful and it breathes so deeply.  I love Carolyn’s music!”  ~ Jessica Williams, jazz pianist and composer

Always melodic, adventurous and first class…..downright buoyant.”  ~Frank Gutch, Folk Acoustic Music Exchange

Carolyn Crusore - musician