July 3-7, 2024

Samantha & Evan McPherson

From southern blues root-influenced country to lyrically thought-provoking songwriting, SAMANTHA is emerging as the next Americana Star hailing from central Texas.



Media Quote:

“Central Texas Americana recording artist and songwriter Samantha is back with the release of her new single People Today, a track that will get you hooked up through its vocals and melodic guitar riffs, a few instrumentary that calls back to the music of Jewel and Sheryl Crow where there’s something almost Country about it.”



Evan McPherson who is a great guitarist and old friend of Doe Bay brought Samantha Lynn from Texas. She has a voice that needs no amplification and wears her Texas personality on her sleeve. Everybody who had a chance to hear her at open mic on Thursday, campfire on Friday, or her Doe Bay Cafe patio show on Saturday, fell in love with her.”   — DOE BAY RESORT