MAI Summer Fest

July 17-22, 2024 Rory Van James is a long time friend of Doe Bay, both as a performer and organizer of the successful winter Music, Arts, & Ideas (MAI) Fest. In fact, MAI 2020 was the last pre-covid [...]

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Warren Dunes

July 25-29, 2024 Warren Dunes plays PNW Tropicalia and is led by keyboardist/vocalist Julia Massey. Their unique style of Beach Rock is born from the cold waters and grey sky beaches of the Salish Sea, and is highlighted [...]

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The Black Tones

July 25-29, 2024 The Black Tones are redefining Emerald City music. The Seattle Times dubbed the group one of the 15 Most Influential Artists of the past decade, and NPR named the band one of Seattle’s 15 groups [...]

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Shelby Christ

August 7-12, 2024 Shelby Natasha is a songwriter and music producer in Seattle, Washington. Heavily influenced by her upbringing living between China and the Pacific Northwest, her music is a blend of alt-rnb and Chinese folk music. Her [...]

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Zan Fiskum

August 7-12, 2024 Zan Fiskum is an americana singer-songwriter raised in the small town of Maple Valley, WA where she spent most of her time either running barefoot in the forest or volunteering with her family at a [...]

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Harlan Silverman

August 28 - September 2, 2024 Harlan believes in the power of music to comfort our minds and relax our bodies. As a cellist and multi-instrumentalist, his musical talents span genres from classical music for meditation and wellness [...]

Harlan Silverman2024-04-12T00:47:43+00:00
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